Camden Harrison’s life used to be perfectly normal. That is until
his unfortunate murder and following resurrection by a witch.
Though grateful for his second chance at life, it doesn’t come
without its side effects.

While dealing with the occasional appearance of a tail and his
new ability to breathe fire, Camden finds himself in the middle of
a supernatural revolution. He must now help a species he knows
nothing about win their freedom from an evil dictator. Priya, the
unofficial leader of the revolution, convinces him to pretend to
be something he isn’t—an experienced dragon who rules his
own territory. She uses his influence to motivate her people into
taking their fates into their own hands. Despite his complete
cluelessness over dragon habits and customs, Camden just
might actually help them win their freedom. But at what cost will
that freedom come?
At that moment, Kristie stepped into the doorway. “Cam…” Her voice trailed off and
she stared at Camden in absolute horror. She spun quickly on her heels to block
the sight of someone approaching behind her. “Maybe we should give him a little
space. He looks really sick.” As she said this, she swung the door shut behind her
back, effectively hiding him from view.

Her voice faded to mumbling and Camden returned to his problems. The bathroom
was on fire and he had claws, not hands. That made extinguishing the blaze

An idea popped into his head and he spun toward the shower. As he spun, there
was a loud crash behind him. The contents of the bathroom counter hit the floor
and scattered across the tile. His tail twitched in irritation at the inconvenient
placement of toiletries.

That action took a moment to make its way into his mind. His tail? Camden froze,
afraid to even glance over his shoulder. He didn’t need to, though. He could feel it
swishing through the air at his back, flicking almost as a cat’s would.

He pushed that thought down, deep down. Right now, he had to worry about not
burning the house down. He could freak out over his massive tail later.

Lunging forward, he latched onto the detachable showerhead and pulled it toward
him. He fumbled with it, trying to clasp it between clawed hands. When he finally got
a good grip, he aimed it toward the burning curtains.
Pushing the button that would release a jet of water, he gave a moan of
disappointment when he realized he would first need to turn on the faucet. It had
taken him this long to grab the stupid showerhead. He couldn’t afford the time it
would take him to twist the knob that would get the water flowing.

He closed his eyes with a groan at the solution that entered his mind. “I can’t
believe I’m doing this,” he grumbled. Taking a deep breath, he swung his tail
around. He curved the end of it around the faucet handle and twisted.
The sound of the water spraying through the showerhead invaded his ears, and
his eyes flew open. It had worked, but at what cost to his fragile sanity? He’d used
his tail to turn on the shower. It was just one more thing to suppress. There
seemed to be more and more of that every day.

Swallowing thickly, he trained his attention on the fire. He blasted the flames with
the chilly water, frantically shaking the hose to give himself more slack.

Above the sink was a smoke detector. Even though he was doing a good job of
putting out the inferno, the smoke still reached the detector. It started to screech,
the sound nearly deafening him.

As the fire stuttered out completely, Camden could hear raised voices coming from
the hallway. It was probably asking too much for the Taylors to ignore the alarm.

With a sigh, he reached a hand over and shut off the water. He jumped in surprise
when he noticed that he did indeed have hands again. That was one good thing.
Though the situation right now looked bleak.

The fire alarm had stopped ringing, but there was no hiding the singed curtains.
There was also water all over the floor. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror
and groaned. His tail had ripped out the backside of his pants and boxers. Why
was his ass always hanging out recently?

He was debating climbing out the bathroom window as a means of escape when
the door flew open.

The entire Taylor family stood in the hallway, and not one of them looked pleased.
Kristie was biting her bottom lip in concern, but the second she saw the curtains,
her hands rose to cover her mouth.

“Oh dear,” Alice whispered, her eyes widening in horror. “What…” She trailed off at
a loss for words.

It was Dale who finally spoke. “You were in here smoking pot, weren’t you?”

Camden’s eyes widened and he shook his head vehemently. “No! I…I wasn’t.”

“Then how the hell did you catch the curtains on fire if you weren’t smoking?”
Kristie’s father bellowed.

Oh, Camden had been smoking all right. Just not in the sense they were thinking.
There was nothing he could do to explain himself either. They’d never believe him.
So he just stood there, unable to say anything in his own defense.

Dale’s angry gaze flashed to Kristie. “You brought a damn pothead into our home!”
Supernatural Kid On
The Block
Melissa Hosack
Book Reviews
"Her latest, and what a cool read this was.
Different from the first, which turned out to be a
very good thing. Great balance of romance,
action, and drama. Recommended for fans of
vamps and dragons!"
 -Carmen Wood
Fiction-Paranormal Romance

Available in Print & e-book
December 2013

$11.95 / $3.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-
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