Let yourself take on a sexy adventurous read, walk on the
sensual dark side of human adventure through the shadows of
your mind. And, challenge your senses of the normal versus the
paranormal, and the abnormal. Accept the quest, get onboard
and discover Angels Keep Watch – The Transformation Begins.

Angels Keep Watch – The Transformation Begins is the first in
the serial adventures of Dr. Sterling Striffe’s, spy, adventurer
and mercenary. To save the world and protect America, it is a
tale of a heroic quest in the confrontation between ‘good versus
evil’, within the realm of a ‘Spy-Fi’ fantasy. A daring flirtation with
the dark side of human nature, in an opportunistic world of
deception, Striffe’s adventure chases shadowy demonic specters
of human motives. For the characters, reality merges with the
wickedness in the shadows of hidden desires, by which
seduction entices the challenges in the ‘strife of life’.
“We’ve been hit!” Rusty cursed loudly. “Evasive action, boys. No Mayday signal
today. Taking hits. We’re going down.” Another series of curses came from the
cockpit. “Somebody has shot Belle. They will pay for this.” She called the hidden
assassin by an assortment of nasty names.

Her expertise was extraordinary. She guided the wounded chopper toward the lake’
s surface with exceptional skill. Old Belle was falling fast. She knew as well as we
did that pilots take the worst of it. I am sure the thought crossed her mind, but she
never showed it or even said anything. “Don’t worry, boys.” She swallowed heavily,
holding back a small tear. “I’ll get you down safe.” She knew Belle was mortally
wounded. “She’ll take care of us to the end.”

“High-powered sniper rifle, eleven o’clock low, on the beach,” the Colonel said with
a grim look and hardly any vocal inflection. “Expect the unexpected,” he said,
completely unmoved by it all. He was calm as always.

I grabbed the armrests after tightening my seat harness.

Old Belle, as all helicopters, was vulnerable to ground gunfire. The main and tail
rotors were sensitive to any dam-age. Alarms were going off in the cockpit. Lights
were flashing on the control panel, smoke was rising from the electronics, and
Rusty frantically tried to deal with each situation. Wiring and electronics began to
malfunction as sparks jumped from circuit boards. Noises echoed everywhere.
From a distance, forces in the sky kept watch.

This is not good, I thought to myself. How high up are we? It was hard to see in the
darkness of the early morning hours. The moon was no help. Clouds hid its silvery

Wolves howled in the pitch-blackness of the shadows. No doubt, the were-beasts
were celebrating a presumed victory of sorts in the hollow realm between light and
dim realities.

We were crashing as though a roller coaster had reached the top of the tracks and
was making a descent into madness. My stomach tightened. I felt a vacant feeling
of emptiness and regretful anticipation. I never did like those rides at the fair. Not
the Ferris wheel or the roller coaster. They all made me nauseous. Rusty teased
me sometimes about these things.

“Brace for impact,” Rusty called out, turning slightly to give us warning. “This is
going to hurt.” She cursed again. Rusty worked hard to keep the craft under
control. “I’m aiming for the lake. We’re going hit hard. I’ll get us as close to shore
as possible. Belle will hold together, don’t worry.”

Aiming for the lake? It was a big lake. How could she miss the water?

Blue Belle was spinning out of control, but Rusty continued to manage the
descent. And she was good.

A boat with no running lights came out fast from shore. The whole area was black,
except for a few dim lights from scattered home sites.

We hit the surface. It was hard just as she predicted.

Rusty let out a scream and was thrown forward violently. Immediately, she was
knocked unconscious by the wind-shield. The main rotors broke apart and flew
dangerously in several directions.

Both the Colonel and I were bounced around like a couple of rubber balls as we
strained against the safety harnesses. Within the flash of an instant, he unbuckled
and came out of his seat, slashing my restraints with his boot knife. He turned
toward the cockpit as water rushed in fast all around us. Blue Belle headed for the

I kicked a manual lever, and the side hatch flew open. My .45 was ready in hand.
We stared at each other for a second. One of us would go after Rusty and the
other would watch for the boat.

“Take a defensive position and cover us, Jack,” he ordered. “I’ll get Rusty.” There
was no toss of a coin here. It was in the tone of his voice. He charged forward and
started cutting her loose. At the same, he checked her vital signs. “Rusty,” he
called out. “Can you hear me? Please answer.”

No response came.
Angels Keep Watch
Randy Gonzalez
Book Reviews
"It's an adventurous and fun read, non-stop
action, exciting characters. A different
perspective on the human struggle in facing
good versus evil."
-R. Gonzalez "Dr. Gonzo"

"Fantastic read! Would recommend to
Fiction-Sci-Fi/Spy Romantic Mystery

Available in Print & e-book
January 2013

$19.95 / $8.99

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