The lava heating the plateau, agitated by the storms, began to simmer and boil
within her to such an extent that she could no longer control the pressure inside.
As lava began to pour out of her knee, rolling across the plateau towards the
eagle’s nest, the eagle screamed and flew away in panic, abandoning the eggs to
save herself.

The lava surrounded the driftwood, and at first smoke, then flames, lifted into the
air. She cried out in fear as she hemorrhaged, realizing the danger the eggs were

Ilmatar knew her only hope was to extinguish the fire in the sea, protecting the
eggs with her powers. She summoned all her divine power and cast a protective
ward around the eggs. Then she lowered her massive leg into the ocean so the
cold water would cool the eggs and preserve them.

Huge waves thundered in all directions, cresting and breaking from their excessive
height and rolling away toward the land. These waves were broken up by the
powerful winds of the storm pressing against her.

As her leg descended, bubbles of lava struck the water, sending plumes of steam
hissing into the air. The eggs descended, protected by the nest, the thick bed of
trees burning from the bottom up, heating the eggs slowly, but still protecting them
with the branches that had yet to catch fire.

Ilmatar hoped she had enough time as her leg continued to descend, but her large
body took significant time to move at all in the gravity of this planet, time she could
not afford as the flames licked ever higher, threatening the eggs with a fiery
demise. As her leg descended, she lowered her head as well, so that she could
observe the eggs when they landed in the water.

The flaming nest struck the water and broke apart, sending the eggs flying into the
air momentarily before spinning back to the sea.

The shock of the turbulent seawater on the hot eggs was more force than her
protection ward could absorb. Before her eyes, the sacred eggs shattered into
thousands of pieces and disappeared into the ocean as her green eyes sunk
beneath the water, hot tears mixing with the seawater and warming her cheeks as
she slowly submerged.

The protection ward she had cast was stronger than she thought, for when she
looked underwater, she saw the shards of the eggs floating down gently, lines of
bubbles floating to the surface. It was a magical sight, but meaningless if the eggs
were destroyed.

The protection ward began to sparkle even brighter, collecting magic from the
power-filled ocean and increasing.

Ilmatar continued to gaze in amazement as her ward began to pull the many
shards of the eggs together into one big egg, more powerful than the ones before
it. The surface was all different colors, a majestic patchwork of shards, and the
newly formed egg was almost as big as the nest that had carried it. Ilmatar realized
this would become a splendid god.

A deep blue glow surrounded the new egg, pulsating like a heartbeat. It grew
faster until the throbbing pulse under the waves became a thunderous pounding,
as the intensity of the magic grew stronger.

The deep blue transformed to a bright blue, and finally a spectacular white, before
the entire egg burst apart and her new baby was hatched into the ocean.

Ilmatar stared in wonder. This new baby was a mixture of sea and sky, a powerful
force even as an infant. Almost like a whale, this great ocean creature was
massive even at birth. She had small wings, which Ilmatar knew would grow longer
in time, and a long flowing tail laced with row after row of colors.

Sea women with long flowing tails and lovely green hair surrounded Ilmatar,
swimming in circles. “We are the Nakki,” said several of them. “We shall protect

Ilmatar stared at this god before her, reaching out to hold her baby. As she did so,
a name rang clear in her mind, and she who he was beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“Come here, Loviatar!” The young god recognized her name immediately and
turned to her mother with wide eyes.

As the young god reached back for her mother, long, twisting billows of thick black
ink surrounded the newly hatched baby and dragged her away, leaving her
mother to wail in grief for her stolen child. Being so devoted to compassion and
nurturing, she couldn’t save her child as a goddess. She knew she needed her
brother Ukko’s help, far up in the nebula, and his name escaped her lips again
and again.
Hundreds of years ago, the Goddess Ilmatar fell from the sky to
Santara, a magical and enchanting world. But then one day an
evil wizard kidnaps her newborn baby, a baby who is a sea

Forced to take a human form, the goddess discovers she must
rely on a man who used to be half-lion if she is to ever see her
baby again. While Ilmatar journeys to find King Cato, the evil
wizard sends a black dragon to Santara.

Will the goddess make it to King Cato, find her baby, and make it
back before the Black Dragon reduces Santara to ashes? Find
out in… “The Curse of the Black Dragon!”
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November 2018


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The Curse of the Black Dragon
Melissa Saari
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