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To save the world and protect America, it
takes a heroic quest in the confrontation
between ‘good versus evil’, to challenge your
senses of the normal versus the paranormal,
and the abnormal. Dr. Sterling Striffe, spy,
adventurer and mercenary is up to the

Angelica Chappell’s story made huge
headlines when she discovered a new
pharmaceutical drug called Krytonix that
effectively slows the spread of cancer cells.
Unfortunately, it also attracted the attention
of a serial killer. Too bad for her stalker,
William worked undercover as a trained hit-
man for the mob. Will he find search and

Leigh Lawson returned home only to learn
everyone thought she was dead. Now, the
police want her to go undercover, to bring
the local drug supplier to conviction. It may
be Leigh’s only chance to redeem herself
with her family and friends. The only
problem is that she needs to figure out how
to stay alive in the process…

At age seventeen, Jenny Reid was arrested
for killing her own mother. A due to lack of
evidence. Jenny is still the sole suspect, but
now, she is doing something about it. She’s
on the right side of the law, an FBI agent
determined to finally find justice for her
mom. She’ll come up close with evil and
face the ultimate choice—kill or be killed.

The trio of covert operatives from Area-51
are back. Black Widow's Bondage continues
the action packet sexy spy-fi adventures from
Angels Keep Watch, led by Dr. Sterling
Striffe, with his paramour partner, the
mysterious Myla Trench. Once again, to save
the planet and protect America, they race
against time and space to track down a
fugitive Nazi war criminal to the far corners
of the planet.

It is December 2012 and the world is on
edge about the foretold end of humankind.
12 follows multiple characters through the
Mayan prediction of the end of the world.
While battling for their lives, these
individuals come up against unimaginable
natural disasters. Will humanity be able to
persevere? Or will they slip silently into the
night, returning earth to its original owner,
Mother Nature?

Leah is a young woman who is trying to
pursue her dream as a pianist in the world of
show business. While trying to find her
independence her heart is held captive by
Jason Rowe, a local basketball star who
established an organization to help troubled
youth. When Jason is found murdered in his
home, Leah is determined to get answers.

Sassy newspaper columnist, Kate Lambrose
receives a cryptic poem asking her to locate
a missing person. She discovers the mystery
to be the perfect distraction from her grief
over the loss of her husband who isn’t dead,
but gay. While Kate and her teenage
daughter angst over problems at home, she
discovers a 40-year-old murder. Unknowingly,
she befriends the killer who makes her the
next target.

Deep in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon, a
serial killer stalks. He leaves his signature—a
skull mask on the corpse. When a homicide
cop realizes the crimes are the reenactment
of a case never solved ten years ago—all
fingers point to Michael DeVeccio. And
when Margot realizes she is married to the
killer, her life becomes a living nightmare.
Will she escape before becoming the next

The perpetrator is using a marvel in the
medical field known as techlepathy, a
combination of technology and telepathy to
produce telepathic results. He's reading their
minds, and he wants Aidan Wolfe dead. P.I.
Chris Chambers, her investigative team, and
her hardheaded and successful client will be
confronted with their worst enemies:
themselves. Can they survive? By the end,
will they want to?

Kate’s future becomes one puzzle after
another when a mystery caller claims the
portrait of Grandmother Petra belongs on
their family tree. While Kate hunts for clues
to locate the portrait, she struggles with
family challenges, and yet another cry for
help to unearth the stench at Glenwood
cemetery. With a cop as becomes a target
not once, but twice!

Special Agent in Charge Jim Clarkson and
his young DEA assistant know all the recent
crimes, murders and botched drug deals are
somehow related. The only problem is–they
don’t know how.

What they do know is the clock is running
and the body count is mounting, and if they
don’t put all the pieces together real quick, a
lot more bodies are going to be added to the
final tally

Conor suddenly finds himself on the run from
the Miami Police who want him for murder,
and the two vicious sons of a Cuban crime
lord who seek to exact a brutal revenge for
their father’s death. With the clock ticking,
Conor’s journey leads him from the exotic
Bahamas to the streets of Miami and Fort
Lauderdale and into the unforgiving Florida
Everglades before reaching its violent

Abby is heading into danger once more. This
time the call for help comes from her
daughter, Mandy. While trying to stop her ex
husband from being framed for murder, she
must delve into the past of a long lost mother
and an assortment of interesting people.
Abby planned on spending Christmas Eve on
a tropical island with her new love, Neil.
Instead, she is fighting for her life in a New
Ade Spa.

When Abby receives a plea for help from her
old college friend Nikki, she's inclined to
ignore it. Nikki was always a drama queen.
But she's convinced someone is trying to kill
her. Abby has reasons to get away and soon
she's off to a remote private island where
undercurrents abound in the family circle.
She soon realizes her friend isn't being
fanciful. The danger is real and now it's after
Eighty-Eight Keys
Catherine Lavender
The Movie Buff
Daniel Cassidy
Angels Keep Watch
Randy Gonzales
Black Widow's Bondage
Randy Gonzales
Melissa Hosack
Right in Sight
Elaine Braman/Margarete Johl
Nowhere in Sight
Elaine Braman/Margarete Johl
Altered Beginnings
Destiny Booze
Predetermined Endings
Destiny Booze
The Curse of a Mind
Destiny Booze
Deadly Shore
Frank Sullivan
Mask of the Betrayer
Sharon Donovan
Island Charms
Sharon McGregor
Sharon McGregor