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Our Genre
Thank you for considering Whimsical Publications for your manuscript. At WP, we are looking for an
interesting, well written story that is as free of mechanical errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling
as possible.

Our minimum word length for e-books is 15,000. The minimum word count for print is 25,000. Please
include the total word count for your manuscript in the initial email. We prefer to receive a book blurb,
a synopsis, and the first three chapters of your work to start. If we wish to review the full manuscript,
a request will be sent. Please do not inquire about submissions unless you have a completed

We Accept the Following Genres:

Young Adult

We are open to other genre as long as the story is well written.

Any work performed on your manuscript through our sister company, Art and Edit, will not be
published through Whimsical Publications. That would be a conflict of interest in our mind.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Email the following information to:

In the subject line of your email, put "SUBMISSION" plus the "Name Of Your Book." This makes it
easier for us to identify it as an actual email and not spam. Please include all of the following
information in the body of your email (not as a separate attachment):

The title
Your real name
Your pen name (if applicable)
Your mailing address (street, city, state, zip code)
Your email address (without this, we cannot communicate with you)
Genre (can be multi-genre—see list above)
Approximate word count (not number of pages)
If you are submitting to multiple publishers, please indicate this information in your email.

Book blurb: This is the back-of-the-book copy for the novel. Two to three paragraphs to catch the
reader's attention. This is your one-minute commercial to entice someone to want to read your book.
If accepted, we will make all attempts to use it intact, but cannot guarantee it. If you are unsure how
to do this, look at the back of a few books to get an idea.

Synopsis: Your plot synopsis is a brief narrative summary of your novel. The purpose of a plot
synopsis is to tell us about your story and especially to hook our interest. Make sure it tells the basics
for the entire story. Don't, for example, leave out the story's ending as a gimmick. We don't have time
to evaluate gimmicks. And create the synopsis as a whole, unified piece. Do not break it up with
chapter headings. Your synopsis should be no more than a couple of pages at most, preferably one

As a courtesy, if you are submitting to multiple publishers, please indicate that in your email. If the
manuscript has been previously published or is currently published and you do not inform us, the
submission will be rejected.

Send your information in an email with the only attachment being the first three chapters in .rtf or .doc
format to:

Formatting Your Manuscript

Use italics for an italicized word.
For scene breaks, use three asterisks (***) centered on a separate line.
Line spacing: single
Font: Arial or Verdana 12 pt
No other formatting is necessary.

Notes of Interest

Do not break your requested information into multiple attachments. A multiple file submission will be
rejected without being reviewed due to the risk of introducing a virus into the system.

Accepted manuscripts lengths are a minimum length of 25,000 words for print books and 15,000
words for e-books.

You will receive an acknowledgement email indicating that your submission has been received and that
the review time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Times may vary depending on the amount of
submissions we receive. Notification of acceptance or denial will be sent via email. Please be sure that
your return email address is correct.

Thank you for visiting our submission page. We look forward to hearing from you.
Whimsical Publications is presently closed for
submissions except from established WP authors, or
through a referral from a WP author.