Whimsical Publications, LLC
Janet Durbin
Fiction-Science Fiction/Adventure
Whimsical Publications,
LLC/paperback, 288 pages
August 2007
ISBN-10: 0-9787738-2-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787738-2-3

A Journey of Twins Novel, Book Two
Five years have passed since the defeat of the Boss. For Shyanne and Joseph, it
meant settling down and raising a family. For Drayco, it meant searching for the one
who escaped during their last encounter…the mercenary named Ruben.

For the first time since the virus, peace fills Shyanne’s life. Now that peace is
shattered. Ruben has returned and he has taken the one thing dearest to her
heart…her son.

Once again, Joseph, Drizzle, and the twins embark on a mission filled with battles
and hardships. Only this time the stakes are far greater. This time they hope to find
Joey before his young life is ended forever.
"Creating worlds one chapter at a time."
"Creating worlds one chapter at a time."
"Creating worlds one chapter at a time."
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