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Like any other girl her age, Kathleen was
ready for the excitement of a first love and
being with Atticus was so wonderful. When
Bobby O’Hara, the most popular boy in
school, sets his sights on Kathleen, she is torn
between her love and loyalty to Atticus and
the excitement, popularity, and ease of
being Bobby’s girlfriend. She needs to make
a decision. The question is...will it be the
right one?
As a young girl, Stephanie would write about anything and
everything simply because it made her happy. She parlayed
her love of the written word into a successful marketing and
communications career, while a host of never submitted or
unfinished picture book and romance novels clogged up her
computer’s hard drive. Stephanie resides in her hometown of
the Bronx, NY, with her son, husband and crazy boxer pup
named Bella. She continues to write simply because it makes
her happy. Kissing Atticus Primble—which made a daring
escape from her computer’s hard drive—is her first published
Kissing Atticus Primble
Stephanie Hoina