After a long career as a professional musician, Dale turned to
the pen to craft over a dozen novels. The native Missourian
traveled far and wide before settling near Kansas City to enjoy
the scenic beauty of the heartland. Using musical rhythms and
values, he wrote in a style some call poetic prose.

When readers noted his bent for dark gritty stories, when not in
comedic mode, he wrote a mystery that would give even hardy
souls something to shiver about.

Whether romantic comedy or dark drama is your cup of tea, Pat’
s endearing (and sometimes frightening) characters will lead
you into worlds you might otherwise never have visited. So, pick
up a Pat Dale novel and whisk yourself off for a few hours of

Note from the publisher: Pat left us to be in a better place, free
of diseases, pain and suffering. He is entertaining those in
heaven with his wit and stories, and we here at WP sorely miss
Pat Dale
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When Laura Margolin, TV jewelry shopping’s
latest diva, crosses paths with super spy
Hayward Lazarus, she has no idea that before
their saga is done, her career will be toast,
her hero will have died heroically—and they’
ll live happily ever after. Glamour gal and
slippery spy ratchet between ecstasy and
despair as they want to be together but the
fates seem to have other plans.

Baby Jane should have been just another
statistic in the annals of New Orleans history,
but the infant survived abandonment. Later
she should have been a basket case after
years of sexual abuse at the hands of a foster
father, but she found a way to get free of him
without losing her sanity. Or did she?
CROSSED LINES is a most inhospitable story
of seduction, mystery, and revenge.
Contain graphic sexual content and
Crossed Lines
Pat Dale