Evangeline Avenes is beautiful beyond
compare, but her beauty is mingled with a
touch of madness. Surviving a pirate attack
as a girl with fellow child passenger Alessio
Draven, she is haunted by the image of a
dead woman.

Growing up together, they declare their love
for each other. Alessio is promptly sent away
and Evangeline forced into an arranged
marriage. When word reaches him
Evangeline is about to wed, Alessio returns
from his hunt for the pirate Captain Pyke to
stop the wedding.

A natural disaster swallows Port Royal as
death, destruction and deception reign. Can
Alessio and Evangeline put an end to the
wicked pirates and escape the island?

Two hundred years ago in the magical realm
of Santara,
evil surges forth, ripping the town
to shreds. Knights sent to destroy the
monsters fail. All that is left to do is try magic.

A young Lion-Person named Cato wanders
out of the Forbidden Forest and discovers the
magical world of Santara, w
here he meets
Princess Alzena, a woman who doesn’t want
to be a princess. They quickly blossom a
friendship but circumstances tear them apart.

Will Cato succeed in ending the
transformation curse? The answers are
inside… The Curse of the Lion People!
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Slade doesn’t understand why his sister gave
up luxury to live in a rundown bungalow with
a surfer dude in Southern California, let
alone decide to marry the man, but he
supports her weird wedding.

Who is he kidding? Given his past issues, he’s
transformed himself into a regular Grade-A
douchebag. But someone seems to see past

A crazy surfer gypsy girl kidnaps him, takes
him on an adventure he never wanted, and
forces him to look at the things he’s hidden
for so long… She might just love him… She
might just save his life…
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