Four disadvantaged teens from different
backgrounds and different ethnicities are
accepted into an elite private college, only
to be pulled into a mystery surrounding the
expulsion and arrest of a previous student,
and an escalating war between the
scholarship kids in the Prodigy Program and
the affluent students known as the Legacies.
The teens team up with an outcast Legacy to
find out what really happened, while trying to
stop the war between the Prodigies and
Legacies from exploding.

Overnight the world has taken a drastic turn
for the worse. A virus is spreading and the
dead are rising. As the world goes to hell,
five teenagers, each gifted with special
abilities, try to survive. But will their gift give
them the edge they need? And which is
worse: the dead or the living?
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Before reading, it is recommended that you
take everything that you know that is normal,
standard, average and scientifically sound
and toss it out the window. That way of
thinking will only frustrate and confuse you.

It is also highly recommended that you read
in the voice of John Cleese, a famous British
actor. This will make the story much more
enjoyable and clever sounding. (If you really
needed me to explain who John Cleese was,
shame on you!)

And finally it is very highly recommended
that you enjoy the story. Because if you don’t
then all this would be for nothing and we will
all end up looking like fools. (but mostly me)

Now, get into your favorite chair, brew up
your favorite tea and hold all your questions
until after the story has finished. Cheers!
How the World Ends
Cory Lenihan
Tales from Lamplight Lane:Squid
Darren S. Philibert