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As hard as it is, Alex Grimm has to balance
torture and mayhem with gambling and
requests to see the newest tearjerker flick,
things his new wife would prefer to do. Lacy
complicates his life like no other woman ever
has. She’s the exact opposite of him. So how
can he be expected to torture evil vampires
for information while his unwanted wife is
bouncing around behind him with animated

When a global pandemic nearly takes out
the entire population within the span of a few
days, the survivors are confused and
disoriented. Those who die don’t stay dead.
Aurora Mathews survive the first onslaught of
violence and destruction only to be taken
captive by something possibly more terrifying
than zombies—vampires. This is the battle of
human survival that she fears can only end in

It is December 2012 and the world is on
edge about the foretold end of humankind.
12 follows multiple characters through the
Mayan prediction of the end of the world.
While battling for their lives, these
individuals come up against unimaginable
natural disasters. Will humanity be able to
persevere? Or will they slip silently into the
night, returning earth to its original owner,
Mother Nature?
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Camden Harrison’s life used to be perfectly
normal. That is until his unfortunate murder
and following resurrection by a witch.
Though grateful for his second chance at
life, it doesn’t come without its side effects.
Despite his complete cluelessness over
dragon habits and customs, Camden just
might actually help Priya, the unofficial
leader of the revolution, win their freedom.
But at what cost?.

Beauregard Channing has devoted the past
four hundred years to tracking down items
that cause destruction and damage. Will
Beauregard be able to charm Bradley into
giving him the relic he seeks? Or will it fall
into the wrong hands, leading to the
destruction of innocent lives. If they don't
end up killing each other, Beau just might be
able to persuade Bradley to fall in love with
Melissa lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband,
Jeremy, and her son, Marshall Frost. Her favorite genre to
write is Paranormal Romance.

Melissa attended London School of Journalism where she
received her certificate in Novel Writing in 2011. She writes a
monthly short story column titled Frequent Flyer for a
government newsletter.
To learn more about Melissa, visit her at:
Sunshine and Grimm
Melissa Hosack
Vampires vs Zombies
Melissa Hosack

Vampire Gwendolyn Fox hates elves more
than sunlight and stakes because they don't
mix well. Hunter is an elf, but like none she’s
ever met. Rugged and mischievous, he
sparks an immediate reaction in Gwen that
she struggles to resist. He’s tall, dark, and
dangerous. Together, despite plans, they
strive to rescue a girl and save the local
supernatural community from a vicious
werewolf pack.
Melissa Hosack
Melissa Hosack