Real Elves Don’t Make Cookies.

If there is one thing Gwendolyn Fox hates more than sunlight and
stakes, it’s elves. There’s a good reason why vampires and elves
avoid one another; it’s because they don’t mix well.

Hunter is an elf, but like none she’s ever met. Rugged and
mischievous, Hunter sparks an immediate reaction in Gwen that
she struggles to resist. Try as she might to keep her
concentration on the missing girl, Gwen falls victim to Hunter’s
devilish charm and seductive nature. He’s tall, dark, and
dangerous. He’s everything she never expected of an elf and
everything she’s attracted to in a man.

An expert on breaking and entering, Hunter has the means to get
Gwen into the facility where the child is being held. During their
encounters with otherworldly villains, the magnetism between
them becomes too much to be ignored.

Despite her instant attraction, Gwen is determined to keep things
between herself and Hunter completely professional. Hunter, on
the other hand, is determined to seduce his stubborn and
guarded vampire partner.

Together, they’ll strive to rescue the imprisoned girl and save the
local supernatural community from a vicious werewolf pack. But to
do that, Gwen needs to stop Hunter from distracting her. She
must find a way to cool her sizzling partner, or be consumed by
the flames.
At this moment, when she was trying her best to keep Hans distracted, the exact
opposite happened. Her cell phone trilled loudly, completely throwing her off. She
glanced down at the noisy electronic device where it sat attached snugly against her
hip. The call was from Colton, her best friend and partner. He wouldn’t be calling if it
weren’t an emergency. That didn’t make his timing any less horrible. Angrily jabbing
the button that would put him on speaker phone, she snapped, “What?”

This lack of focus seemed to anger Hans even more. With an enraged howl, he
charged. He ran across the floor in a grotesque imitation of a canine. His clawed
hands scraped across the tiling, and he made the snorting sound of a large, wild

Before Gwen could react, he tackled her. They both went down in a tangled mess.
She felt coarse fur scratch across her face and saliva drip down her arm. She
shoved her elbow out, connecting with his jaw, stopping him a moment before his
deadly incisors dug into her shoulder.

“Bitch,” Hans snarled, his teeth gnashing at the air in an attempt to injure her in any
way he could. “Kill…you…” he grunted, his voice sounding like something out of a

Colton’s voice interjected itself into their struggle. “Is everything okay there?” he
asked in concern. “You sound…” He trailed off, apparently at a lack of words to
describe the noises emitting from her end of the line.

“Like I’m in the middle of a brutal fist fight? Imagine that, because I am.” Her knee
shot upward, and Gwen was pretty sure she connected with the werewolf’s groin.

When Hans grunted and released her, Gwen knew she’d been right. He rolled away,
wheezing in agony and cradling his man parts.

“I should call back later.” Colton’s voice could barely be heard over the grunting
werewolf. “This is a bad time.”

“No,” Gwen gasped breathlessly as she struggled to her knees. “This is the perfect
time. Not busy at all.” She tried to get to her feet, but her boot slipped on the floor.
She stumbled, but luckily caught herself on her hands. Taking a deep, calming
breath, she lunged to her feet.

“Talk to me. What’s so important that you felt the need to call me in the middle of a
fight?” She knew there was no way Colton could have known she’d be in a fight at
this exact moment, but she gave the snarky comment for the fun of it. As she spoke,
she managed to get behind Hans. Before he could stop her, Gwen grabbed the
werewolf’s head in the crook of her arm.

Hans’ eyes widened in horror when he realized what she was about to do. He didn’t
have time to even attempt to protect himself before she yanked viciously. Bones
snapped, and muscles tore.

Breathing heavily, Gwen dropped Hans’ body to the ground at her feet. “Case
closed,” she panted. “Just tell me what’s going on already.”

“Alright then,” Colton said briskly. “I’ve got some really bad news.”

“Always,” Gwen accused, wiping sweat away from her brow. “Hit me with it.”

“Jared Wilson’s daughter has been kidnapped. The local werewolf pack found out
he was slipping us information, and they took offense.”

If her heart beat, Gwen’s would have stopped at that statement. “What?” she
gasped in fear. “When?” Her life was always one threat after another, but she didn’t
like it rubbing off on the few friends she had.

“Just a few hours ago. Jared called me right away.” Colton paused, and Gwen could
practically hear the gears turning in his head. “One of the cases you’re working on
involves one of the werewolves from the pack involved. If you can find Hans, we can
perhaps question him.”

Gwen looked down at the body at her feet in disbelief. Of all the rotten timing…
“Um,” she started, not wanting to admit she’d just killed the man they needed to help
Melissa Hosack
Book Reviews
"With a little suspense as the cherry on top of
the romance, this story is very sweet and
funny. It is far from the dark, typical plot you
expect from a book in the paranormal genre. I
enjoyed the change of pace."
-Destiny Booze

"It begins off with a pretty amusing scenario
between vampire and werewolf, and just keeps
building. There's humor and sexual tension,
with a bit of bloody action thrown in the mix. An
enjoy read. Not exactly a fan of intermingling
between species, but I actually didn't mind it
this time."
-Carmen Wood

Available in Print & e-book
December 2010

$7.95 / $3.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-
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