Mark McGrath is a single father of four children currently
residing in Bayside, New York. Born and raised in the Bronx, he
attended St Brendan school and moved on to Cardinal
Spellman High School, graduating with the famed class of 1983.

He worked as a research librarian assistant for Lehman
Brothers in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s while he attended
Lehman College in the Bronx. Graduating with a Bachelor of
Arts in Economics in 1989, he quickly changed course and
began nursing school in 1991. He again attended Lehman
College and while in school worked for Booz Allen and Hamilton
and AT Kearny in New York City as a consultant researcher.

He graduated Cum Laude from Lehman’s nursing program in
May of 1994 and passed the Boards in September of that year
to become a Registered Nurse. New York University Medical
Center was his destination soon after where he worked on the
liver and kidney transplant unit starting in 1995.

His first son, Jonathan, was born in 1996, and soon after he
relocated to Ronkonkoma, New York, taking a job at Stony
Brook University Medical Center as an assistant to the Nurse
Manager running the middle shift. After suffering injuries in a
car accident in 1998, he moved on to become an IV Nurse
Educator for Vital Care Infusions in Farmingdale, teaching IV
skills to other nurses, and seeing home care clients.

Mark relocated to Florida in October of 2001 and worked for a
nursing agency that sent him to various hospitals as a traveling
RN. He took his last permanent job in Florida in 2007 at Parrish
Medical Center in Titusville.

After gaining custody of his four children in October of 2008, he
moved back to New York to start over again. HE currently works
as a home care IV specialty nurse for Vital Care Infusions and
still teaches nurses IV skills.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys going out and spending time with
his children, watching his favorite teams win (Jets, Yankees and
of course, his beloved Rangers), and has recently began
playing ice hockey again.
Mark McGrath
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Author Mark McGrath discovers that to raise
four children as a single parent, along with
continuing a career in nursing, he needs
more than a pair of ruby red slippers. He
needs the help of family and friends. Tears
and laughter flourish throughout his many
adventures, trials and unforgettable moments
as a nurse and as a father. Join him as he
makes... the journey home.

Author Mark McGrath returned home with his
four continue a career in nursing. Tears and
laughter and unforgettable moments as a
nurse and as a father. Join him as...  

the journey continues.
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