Five years have passed since the defeat of
the Boss, and life has become almost
peaceful. Almost. A menace has returned
and he has shattered that peace by taking
something very special.

Twins—Shyanne and Drayco—survive after
watching their world changed forever by a
virus. For one, it is manageable. For the
other, it is a living nightmare.
I've been told "remember us when you're famous" by
several people I know, especially after they heard I've
written three books. But that is not my intentions.

My intentions is to have something out there for people
to enjoy, to talk about, to wonder where in the heck the
idea for that book came from. Not for fame and fortune.

After is a creation from love, love for my son. It became
something fun and exciting when he moved away from
writing himself to other things.
Stolen is a continuation
of that fun, and
Vengeance will close out that trilogy.
But, fear not, other books are in outlined form for those
characters. Drayco, Shyanne, and Drizzle are too near
and dear to my heart to let them end so suddenly.

Innocence Taken was a step out of the norm for me. I
seldom swear, much less use the type of language used
in that book. But it too was fun to write. It was a
challenge. A challenge that forced me to step out of my
comfort zone. And I feel I met that challenge. More
books with Nature and Web are planned; and who
knows, they may be just as graphic. Just make sure to
keep all the lights on when you read them.

I have other ideas ready when the time arises for me to
get to them. And as long as there are people who want
to read my books, I will continue to write them. Even if
people forget who I am, I will still write. For it is not my
intention to be famous and without privacy. It is my
intention to fulfill a dream, which I am book
at a time.

Hugs to all my readers.
Janet Durbin
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Nature Kranderson, a psychic, is asked to
help find a serial killer who is preying on
young women. Will she and Sheriff Web
Westerly find him before another young
person falls victim? This book contains
graphic sexual content, adult language and
violence. Intended for a mature audience
Contain graphic sexual content and
Innocence Taken
Janet Durbin