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I started writing when I was in high school. I attended a private art University in Atlanta Georgia for Media
Production. I wrote a few screenplays and made a few short movies, including a twelve-minute vampire movie,
I adapted from a short story, called Midnight Diner. I returned to writing novellas and novel length projects.

My first novel, Three Seeds, was released this August. Also, I have a novella called The Green-Eyed Devil
coming out soon as an e-book. I was once asked to describe myself: the only answer I could come up with was
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Books by Gabriel Madison

Haven Vigano is a Dayling, but in three
weeks she will Cross Over into the world of
Nightlings. Unfortunately, an ancient group
of Nightling hunters called The Holy killing
her kind. Between her growing attraction to
Philip and Sébastien’s jealousy towards her
human crush, times were a lot simpler when
she felt indifferent toward everything and

In the year 2086, seventeen-year-old High
Princess Eydís Elísabet Thorndike finds
herself graduating from the Rangers
Academy, despite the controversy it causes.
It’s unheard of to have a high princess
become a ranger.

Eydís will place the love of her mother in
jeopardy, as she does all she can with her
fellow rangers to protect the Survivors from
more than just the deathwalkers.
The Thorndike Legacy
Gabriel Madison
Gabriel Madison