Eydís Thorndike carries two secrets with her: the first, she can
see glimpses into the future and read people’s thoughts, and the
second secret is so horrible it could destroy what’s left of the
human race—a sub-fleet has been created to kill the people left
behind in the Old World.

In the year 2086, seventeen-year-old High Princess Eydís
Elísabet Thorndike finds herself graduating from the Rangers
Academy, despite the controversy. Royalty usually joins one of
the other fleets. It’s unheard of to have a high princess become
a ranger.  

Eydís feels a responsibility to the people left behind, because
she knows Survivors are in more danger now than ever before,
and because her mother, the High Queen, is one of the people
behind the secret sub-fleet. Eydís will place the love of her
mother in jeopardy, as she does all she can to protect the
I turned to Dash. “Let’s load up. We’re leaving as soon as the last person steps
off of our convoy.” I turned to Margaret. “Do you know a quicker route to

Margaret nodded. “Follow us.” She and Calix took off running toward the humvee
Darach had pointed out to them.

Dash and I quickly got inside of our humvee. As soon as I closed my door,
Aneurin called down from his position. “What’s an early night?”

I looked back. “How do you know about that?”

Ava spoke up. “Cali said it.”

I looked over at Cali, and for the first time since I’d known her, I saw actual fear in
her eyes. She didn’t look directly at me; instead, she gazed out of the humvee’s
window at the darkness surrounding us. Her body was stiff, her face a mask of
countless emotions running over it while her eyes, those eyes I’d come to equate
with fearlessness, seemed to have enlarged as she sat motionless.

I pushed a button on the humvee’s WISC. Static came over it at first, then I got
the channel I wanted. “Sergeant Amber, do you hear me?”

A male’s voice came over the radio. “The sergeant isn’t in here, ma’am. She’s out
with the Liverpool defense force soldiers. The Liverpool chief said something
about an early night, and the sergeant, along with Corporal Cardea and PFC
Crispus are walking with the Liverpool soldiers, ma’am.”

I changed the channel to Amber’s private WISC frequency. “Amber, do you hear

She answered with a heavy breath. “I hear you, Eydís. If you’re contacting me
about the early night, I’ve already been informed by Chief Abeje.”

Priest sped by the window as he made his way to the humvee with Margaret and
Calix. He jumped in, and the vehicle started. I glanced back to see my convoy was
ready. “We’re on our way, Amber. We’ll be there soon.”

“If you don’t mind, no sightseeing, please. The sooner you get here, the better.”

Dash laughed as he started the humvee. “Actually, I was thinking about taking the
scenic route. There are some rare flowers that grow in all of this ice I’ve been
dying to see.”

“You can check them out on our way back, after you’ve picked us up. And Dash,
try not to drive like my grandmother.” Amber’s WISC went out.

The humvee with Priest, Margaret, and Calix sped down the road leading out of
town. Dash followed with our rescue convoy following behind us.

We sped through the snow-covered roads. Our rescue convoy lagged behind us,
unable to catch up, but we they knew where we were heading.

Both our humvee and the one in front of us crashed through snow piles, bumped
over small sink holes, and continued to move without slowing as the sky became
completely covered by the large, frozen cloud. We knew by now the darkness had
reached Amber’s group. Even though none of us said it, we all hoped we could
make it to them before anything happened.

Without warning, the WISC in the humvee came to life. “Hello, hello, Sergeant
Eydís, can you hear me?” The male voice returned over the WISC, sounding
more frantic than it had before.

“I can hear you,” I screamed as panic grew inside of me.

“We’re under attack. They came out of nowhere. Ser-geant Amber is down.
Crispus is dragging her through the snow as the soldiers and Corporal Cardea
are fighting the deathwalkers. The Liverpool chief is dead, along with some of her

My heart began to race. Amber was down, people were dying, and there wasn’t
anything I could do about it.

Dash took over. “Ranger, what’s your name?”

“Private Einar, sir.”

“Okay Private Einar, you have a gunner firing from the humvee correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Stop the humvee, get out and help Corporal Cardea. Tell your gunner to
continue shooting as the civilians move farther behind you. We’re about five
minutes out. Is that understood, private?”

Einar didn’t answer at first. His heavy breathing came over the WISC as he
obviously thought about disobeying Dash’s orders and staying in the humvee.

It was my time to step up as a sergeant of the fifteenth. I would not fail in saving
Amber and her squad. “This is what you were trained to do, ranger. Get out of
that humvee, or I’ll kill you myself when we get there. You have your orders,
private, now move!”
The Thorndike Legacy
Gabriel Madison
Fiction-Young Adult/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Available in Print & e-book
July 2013

$12.95 / $3.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-
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