Four disadvantaged teens from different backgrounds and
different ethnicities are accepted into an elite private college,
only to be pulled into a mystery surrounding the expulsion and
arrest of a previous student, and an escalating war between the
scholarship kids in the Prodigy Program and the affluent
students known as the Legacies. The teens team up with an
outcast Legacy to find out what really happened, while trying to
stop the war between the Prodigies and Legacies from exploding.
As the last of the team disappeared from the field, Donald walked up to me with a
wide grin on his plump face. “You in for it now, Prodie. Not only the Legies gonna
be at you, but your own ain’t gonna like this either. Sucks to be you.”
I watched a few of the players staring at me as they continued to back away. I then
turned to Donald. “Yeah, but I don’t really care. Coach chose me for a reason,
and I’m going to show them I’m the man for the job.”

Donald laughed. “Cocky mofo. I like that.”

“It’s easy to be cocky when you have the abilities, my friend.” I started to leave
when I stopped in my tracks. I turned back to face Donald. “Can I ask you
something, man?”

“Whatever you want, Mr. First Time Freshman Starting QB of the Westlake
Ravens.” Donald laughed.

I noticed the oversized lineman seemed to be prepared for anything when the
group was still gathered. That seemed to be the feel of the entire campus—
everyone was preparing themselves for the coming shit storm. “What do you know
about what went down last year? I’ve heard bits and pieces, but I’m trying to get a
better picture of why everything is so messed up.”

Donald ran his hand over his bald head. “Things were messed up way before last
year, man. When I first came here three years ago, I found out quick Legies and
Prodies don’t really socialize with each other publicly. Privately, boys and girls will
be boys and girls, you know what I mean. But there was always a feeling of
something building in the air. Last year just brought things to a boiling point.”

“What about this Nolan kid, did you know him?”

Donald shook his head. “Not really. I’d seen him a few times. I knew from school
gossip he was hooking up with a mega rich Legacy named Tracy Carter publicly.
But I never talked to the kid.”

“How did the Legies take a Prodie dating one of their top girls in the open?”

“Most didn’t care. But one person that really gave a shit was our star running
back, Larry Huntington. He had his eyes on that Tracy chick from day one. He
didn’t take her banging a Prodie well. And he really didn’t take Nolan stealing from
him well.”

I paused for a moment. One of the Legies Nolan had supposedly stolen from was
on the football team, and was into Tracy. Interesting! “So this kid just so
happened to steal from a guy that already didn’t like him? Sounds kind of stupid.”

“That’s the thing that’s always bothered me. I didn’t know Nolan before everything
went down, but what I’ve heard about him since, he didn’t sound like a stupid kid.
But maybe he was screwing with Larry because he knew Larry wanted Tracy.”

“What did he take?”

Donald rubbed his hand over his head again as he looked away in deep thought.
His eyes lit up with remembrance. “A priceless ring Larry’s father gave him when
he was named a starter. It was a family heirloom of some kind, passed down from
generation to generation. Some shit like that.”

I looked around the field, didn’t like standing out in the open talking, so I gestured
for Donald to follow me before turning and walking back towards the main part of
the campus.

“So how did Nolan get his hands on this ring?” I asked.

“Don’t know. All I know is that one day Larry was losing his shit because it was
missing, and when Nolan was caught, it turned up among the things he’d stolen.”

I kept walking as I worked everything out in my head. I’d found a reason why
someone would want to set Nolan up, but I needed more information. “How was
this Nolan kid caught?”

Donald shook his head. “Don’t know, man. Just showed up to school to find out he’
d been caught with everyone’s stuff, after Megan Fallbrook had accused him of
beating her up.”

“How many Legies did he steal from?”

“Four in all, I think.”

Students watched Donald and me as we continued to walk. A few of the Prodies
gazed at me with pride. News of me being made starting quarterback must have
made its way around the campus already. Didn’t care about that. I had other
things on my mind.
Now Introducing, the New Age
Gabriel Madison
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Fiction-Young Adult/Mystery

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July 2018


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