Romagination…Formed in my childhood, this ever changing, constantly brewing infinite space between my ears is
my own private universe where romance and my imagination collide...

Hello, first I’d like to thank Whimsical for making me apart of their wonderful family, then tell you a little bit about
myself. I’m happily married to a military man for over twenty-two years, and together we live in Northeastern PA
with our four children and three rescued cats.  When my youngest child started school eight years ago, I made
the leap from avid reader to writer, and haven’t looked back. Now, sixteen titles later, I’m happy to say, I get to do

I’m a multi published author of Romaginative Fiction. From short to epic, sweet to hot, I write all lengths and most
romance genres—Contemporary, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy, Suspense and Action/Adventure. My
works are in both Digital and Print and can be found at my website, Amazon, B&N, Borders, Fictionwise and more.
Always happy for the opportunity to learn and grown, I’m a member of RWA, VFRW, Scriptscene, and for the past
few years have had the honor of judging several writing contests where I had the opportunity to give back to up-
and-coming writers.

To me, there is no better experience than to give and I hope my books give the reader an enjoyable escape.

Thanks for reading,

Donna Michaels
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Books by Donna Michaels

What’s the world to do when gold starts
disappearing and the agents assigned to the
case are turned into life-size lawn
ornaments? Send in Double O Fang Agent
Pierce De Vein and Shifter Intelligence the
evidence points to an evil gnome and his
army of rogue leprechauns, the agents
infiltrate the organization. But will they wind
up as garden decorations?
To learn more about Donna, visit her at:
Donna Michaels