Destiny Booze grew up at a campground in Virginia where her
childhood was full of hard work. There was also an element of
excitement as she met a large variety of diverse people with
widespread tales about fun and adventure. She grew into a
young lady with a very active imagination.

Destiny attended Virginia Western Community College for two
years. Her writing career began as a community journalist, yet
creative writing was always her passion. In May of 2009, she
released her debut romantic suspense novel, Altered

Other titles by Destiny Booze: Predetermined Endings (2009),
The Curse of a Mind (2010).

Destiny resides in Botetourt County, Virginia with her husband,
son and house full of pets where she strives to be the best wife,
mother and writer that she can be. Her family is always priority
number one. Other things of great importance to her are
friends, and YOU, the readers!

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Leigh Lawson returned home only to learn
everyone thought she was dead. Now, the
police want her to go undercover, to bring
the local drug supplier to conviction. It may
be Leigh’s only chance to redeem herself
with her family and friends. The only
problem is that she needs to figure out how
to stay alive in the process…
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Angelica Chappell’s story made huge
headlines when she discovered a new
pharmaceutical drug called Krytonix that
effectively slows the spread of cancer cells.
Unfortunately, it also attracted the attention
of a serial killer. Too bad for her stalker,
William worked undercover as a trained hit-
man for the mob. Will he find search and

At age seventeen, Jenny Reid was arrested
for killing her own mother. A due to lack of
evidence. Jenny is still the sole suspect, but
now, she is doing something about it. She’s
on the right side of the law, an FBI agent
determined to finally find justice for her
mom. She’ll come up close with evil and
face the ultimate choice—kill or be killed.
Altered Beginnings
Destiny Booze
Predetermined Endings
Destiny Booze

Eric Teague is moments away from making
history. Through his establishment, Against
the Game, playing video games will be a
thing of the past. But, all too soon, reality
breaks into Eric’s moment when something
goes terribly wrong. He and Lacey become
trapped in the virtual reality. To survive, they
must win, and to win, they must overcome
the biggest challenge of all: to trust and to
Against the Game
Destiny Booze

The perpetrator is using a marvel in the
medical field known as techlepathy, a
produce telepathic results. He's reading their
minds, and he wants Aidan Wolfe dead. P.I.
Chris Chambers, her investigative team, and
her hardheaded and successful client will be
confronted with their worst enemies:
themselves. Can they survive? By the end,
will they want to?
The Curse of a Mind
Destiny Booze