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Jeanine Beane Meets Mavis The Camel
Eleanor Wagner
Genre: Children's book

Information coming soon.
Coming 2017
Blue Satin Diary
Melissa Saari
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense

Casey Davison struggles to take care of her mother, who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s,
and still make ends meet as a music teacher in a Boston school.
When Casey gets word her grandmother, Jane, has passed away and she has
inherited Jane’s house on Silver Lake, she sees it as an opportunity to get away from
her troubles.

Taking over the ancient house, Casey discovers valuable antiques, but in the attic, she
discovers a blue diary with a satin cover. Opening it, she finds out that Jane lived a far
more exciting life than she ever let on. As Casey uncovers her grandmother’s dark
secrets, she realizes that she might never escape Silver Lake alive.

Do you dare to discover the secrets hidden inside… The Blue Satin Diary?
Coming 2017
The Curse of the Lion People
Melissa Saari
Genre:  Young Adult Fantasy

Two hundred years ago in the magical realm of Santara, where two moons shone
overhead, there lives a young boy named Raino and his parents in a small village. Evil
surges forth, ripping the town to shreds. Knights sent to destroy the monsters fail. All
that is left to do is try magic.

A young Lion-Person named Cato wanders out of the Forbidden Forest, where his
people have been trapped for centuries and discovers the magical world of Santara,
watched over by a magnificent palace. At the marketplace, Cato meets Princess Alzena,
a woman who doesn’t want to be a princess. They quickly blossom a friendship
together but many circumstances tear them apart, forcing Cato to go on a dangerous
quest to stop his transformations forever and free his people from the curse.

Will Cato succeed in ending the curse? The answers are inside… The Curse of the
Lion People!
Coming 2017
The Arrow Journey
Gerard Mulligan
Genre: Young Adult/Adventure/Historical/Romance

The arrowhead was the key to everything.

Wild Flower watched, unable to do anything, as the lone archer let loose and the flint arrow
flashed in the sunlight as it bore down on her father.

Some 6,000 years later, Henry was suffering from slightly less pressing problems. Dragged out
to visit his Granddad yet again, he decides to break open the case glass containing the old
archaeological finds. He reaches out to touch a pure white flint arrowhead with a black lightning
strike running down its heart. In a heartbeat, their realms collide as he finds himself sent back to
Wild Flower’s world. He checks his phone but there is no signal here.  

Together, and without even speaking each other’s language, Henry and Wild Flower must then
learn to trust each other as they travel through a land of forest, tombs, wild threats and an enemy,
with the power of the Wolf, who seems unstoppable. She must protect her family while he wants
to get home. Along the way, they might just surprise themselves and everyone else for that matter.
Coming 2017
Mystic Lake
Melissa Saari
Genre: Romance/Western

Information coming soon.
Coming 2017
Now Introducing, the New Age
Gabriel Madison
Genre: Young Adult Mystery

Four disadvantaged teens from different backgrounds and different ethnicities are
accepted into an elite private college, only to be pulled into a mystery surrounding the
expulsion and arrest of a previous student, and an escalating war between the
scholarship kids in the Prodigy Program and the affluent students known as the

Every year twenty or more Prodies receives scholarships to attend Westlake University
along with the Legies—except this year. Only the four students are allowed on account
of a Prodie robbing five Legacies and violently attacking another the year before. They
team up with outcast Legacy to find out what really happened, while trying to stop the
war between the Prodigies and Legacies from exploding.
Coming 2017
Five Can Keep A Secret
Sharon McGregor
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense

Five college friends meet for a reunion in an isolated cottage in the lake area. Caught
off-balance by an unexpected snow-storm, they settle in to make the best of their time
together. Along with Will, Jennifer's cousin who is also storm bound, they begin to
reminisce about their college life. It becomes apparent that they all have secrets they
would prefer to keep hidden. Then one of them has a terrible accident—or is it? A
second death soon answers that question. What secret could possibly warrant a death
sentence? And who will be next? The remaining friends can trust no one.
Coming 2017
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