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Book Three in the Journey of Twins Series
Janet Durbin
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi

Ever since the day Ruben escaped with his young nephew, Drayco had been
searching for them, to the point that his own family suffered because of it. When he
finally found the missing pair, Joey was a young man. He tried to bring the teen home
to his family, but unforeseen circumstances drove Joey away.

Unbeknown to Drayco, his wife and twin sister decided they could wait no longer for his
return. They leave Joseph home sick with the kids and depart toward the west,
toward Drayco’s last known location. Obstacles aplenty make their cross-country
journey a living nightmare, but they eventually reach their goal and find Drayco.

The women convince him to come home for a short rest. Unfortunately, a member of
the party became badly injured during the return trip. Will Joey be able to meet his
mother one last time? Or will Drayco’s children lose one of their parents forever to
the vengeance of another? Only time, and a miracle, will tell.
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Schrader's Girls
Sissy Nelsen
Genre:  Mystery

Brad is called upon to help solve a murder case, whereby he suspects the victim of
having an affair with his wife.    
Plague Sally
Paul McDermott
Genre: Historical/suspense

Sally, of the Brigantes tribe, is renowned for her miraculous healing skills. At the same
time, she is feared and misunderstood and accused of witchcraft. When she becomes
ill with Plague then manages to cure herself, she is forced to flee from their madness.

During a storm, she meets Tom, of the Pictii tribe, who helps her to survive. Sally does
not know it yet, but although she has recovered and is now immune to the disease, she
has become a carrier of the plague. By the time she realizes it, Tom is infected. She
puts the completion her intended journey on hold and distills a cure potion to treat him
with, hoping it will work. Thankfully it does. As Tom recovers, she realizes she is
making others ill with her presence, and decides to take passage to Ireland, to a less
populated area and protect her new friends from possible infection. Unfortunately, the
disease is also rife there. Witchcraft or not, her services are sorely needed at the court
of the High King at Tara, in the hopes that she will be able to cure him and save herself
at the same time.
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Coming April 21, 2014
Nowhere in Sight
Elaine Braman and Margarete Johl
Genre:  Mystery

Information will be posted at a later date. Please check back.
Coming 2014
Rebecca Skovgaard
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

When Investigator Cooper Billings carries Sylvia Huston into the emergency room, her
blood saturating his hands and his clothes, she becomes his. He doesn’t care that his
partner accuses him of thinking with his dick or that her godfather is his boss, the
lieutenant, or that her mother gives him the stink eye when she catches him sleeping
next to Sylvia in a hospital bed. Or even that Sylvia vows she’ll never love a cop. Lucky
for Coop, Sylvia is an earthy, sensual woman, entirely responsive to his heated touch.
Once he has her in his bed, he’s sure he’ll wear her down.

Sylvia does her best to resist Cooper. He’s bossy and always thinks he’s in charge. He’
s also extremely determined to have her. Strong, handsome and hot, he’s hard to
refuse. Maybe she could be falling for him.

But nothing matters more to Sylvie than Tynie’s Place. She’s a midwife, and her birth
center is dedicated to the poorest of women and babies. When it comes under threat
by gangs vying for control of the drug trade, Sylvia risks her life to defend it. Cooper can’t
save her until she learns to trust in his love. Only then will he have her safe in his arms.
Coming April 21, 2014
Pistol Man
Daniel Cassidy
Genre:  Western

In 1846, Nathan Delaney is only eight years old, when he is caught up in the turbulent
struggle of the Mexican-American war. Travelling with a troop of Texas Rangers, Nathan
quickly loses his innocence and childhood in the harsh, arid wastes of the Texas
borderland in a series of brutal skirmishes between the hard-bitten Rangers and their
Indian and Mexican foes.

Twenty years later, Nathan is trying his best to put the years he has spent as a
Confederate guerrilla fighter behind him. He has arrived in the small town of Taylor's
Mill, with a view of settling down to a life of peace and prosperity. Fate, in the form of a
beautiful young woman, and an unwanted confrontation with some of the town's
rougher elements, conspires against him however, and Nathan is soon forced to go on
the run. Texas seems the ideal place to head for, and once there, Nathan is given the
opportunity to range even further by joining the famous Montana cattle drive, led by the
legendary Nelson Story.

With nothing to look forward to except stampedes, flooded river crossings and multiple
confrontations with hostile bandits and Indians - and with a particularly determined
Bounty Hunter still dogging his trail - Nathan will have plenty of cause to wonder
whether he has made the right choice or not.
Coming 2014
Elemental Earth
Kinsey Knight
Genre:  Fantasy/Young Adult

My name is Trinity Liathain, typical human teenager to many. But reality is I’m a young
fae, split between two very different worlds. Just as I find a guy who I can be myself with,
my little corner of Blue Cove erupts in drama I’m not prepared for. The gauntlet to a war
that shouldn't be mine is at my door, bringing creatures that terrify and mesmerize me.
I'm visited by ancient forces who for some reason, think I’m the answer to another
dimension’s problems. They grant me tremendous power to protect myself. From what,
you ask? If my short journey through life has taught me anything, it’s that the people
closest to you, make the worst enemies.
Coming 2014
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Book Spotlight
2013 - 4th Q
Falling in love was the last
thing on Marcie’s mind
when she came to Milan
from Philadelphia and got a
great job in an international
company—where a
charming Italian named
Roberto happens to be her
closest coworker.

When Roberto tells her
about his unhappy love
affair with another woman,
Marcie is deeply moved—
and at the same time
realizes that she has fallen
in love with him. Roberto
seems to be falling in love
with her too. But how could
he even think of starting a
love affair right after ending
another one? He is bound
by ties he can’t escape—a
wife he doesn’t love and a
seriously ill daughter he
cares very much about. She
wasn’t sure she wanted any
part of such an ill-fated affair.

Marcie falls into a restless
sleep burdened with this
realization. She awakens
the next morning in Roberto’
s body. This has to be a
dream, she thinks, until she
goes to her office and
collides with the real
Roberto—who has just had
a dream of waking up in
her body. As even stranger
events follow, Marcie begins
to wonder, suppose they
were really in each other’s
bodies? Can forbidden love
be that strong?
Karen Faris

Karen resides in Rochester,
New York where she enjoys
swimming, biking along the
Erie Canal, and running
almost as fast as she can

She lives in a suburb
blissfully unaware if the place
sports a slogan such as in
Webster, where life is worth
living, or Perinton, the
greatest trail town or Fairport,
the All-American town.
Despite the lack of signage,
she suspects her suburb is
still All American unless the
Canadians have invaded and
changed the border without
anyone knowing about it.  She
doubts that this has
happened because they
would have written ahead to
ask if anyone minded.

Karen has a tendency to get
silly because life is too short
and too serious too much of
the time.
Grumbles the Novel, Book Two: Take Another Pill
Karen Faris
Genre:  New Adult/Science Fiction/Cli-fi

A comedic romp in the near future where the environmental quagmires of our day have
been left to mutate and fester, Take Another Pill is Book II of the Grumbles the Novel
trilogy. In a race against time to save the world and free the children, the adventures of
Special Agent Pettie Grumbles and her young charge Toga continue.

Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, Pettie and Toga set off for Montreal, Canada
to take down The Weatherman and free Toga’s friends. But just as they make the
rendezvous, desperate for further instructions, they run a foul of The Border Patrol and
are forced to take an icy dip in the St. Lawrence River. While Pettie is rescued and
entertained by the worldly Captain Dragwood who keeps reminding her of her man
Hector and his mysterious disappearances, Toga has a different shipboard experience
altogether, one that leads to trouble down the line.

As Pettie and Toga travel closer to The Weatherman and his much anticipated festival
of Spudapoolza, the giving of the fries to the people, their loyalty is tested. Saboteurs
seem to be everywhere from the stinging consequences of doing business with the
trollman to the skin deep identity of Pettie’s one time best friend.

Grumbles The Novel will make you laugh with its plots, counterplots, love gone to the
dogs, and the machinations of its three twins, one of whom may just actually be the
love of Pettie’s life. Or not. Such is the way this world works.
Coming 2014
The Journey Continues
Mark McGrath
Genre:  Non-Fiction/Short Stories

Information will be posted at a later date. Please check back.
Coming 2014
Kissing Atticus Primble
Stephanie Hoina
Genre:  Romance/Young Adult

“Maybe following Atticus Primble into the boys’ bathroom wasn’t the best of ideas.
School rules most definitely frowned upon it, and so apparently did Atticus. But when
you’re a 16 year-old girl in love for the first time (well, in REAL love for the first time), you
don’t pay much attention to the student handbook or the privacy concerns of the object
of your affection, only to the ache in your heart and the overwhelming need to logically
explain at just that very minute why you had to see if you liked kissing Bobby O’Hara
more than you liked kissing Atticus Primble. Some things just can’t wait!”
Coming 2014
Black Widow's Bondage
Randy Gonzalez
Genre:  Sci-Fi/Spy Romantic Mystery

Information will be posted at a later date. Please check back.
Coming 2014
Caston’s Revenge
Matthew Melillo
Genre:  Action/Drama

Max Caston is a soldier wounded in Iraq. After he returns home, he learns his wife, an
assistant district attorney, is attempting to bring down a major crime boss.
Unfortunately, a home invasion leaves Max for dead, and his family lost. When the
police fail to bring the true criminals to justice, Max, with the help of two of his closest
friends, decides to take matters into his own hands. But as he draws closer to his
target, he discovers his target is only the beginning.
Coming 2014
The Unknown
Matthew Melillo
Genre:  Suspense/Horror /Drama

Marcus Belanger lives from pay check to pay check, struggling to keep his family afloat
and put food on the table. After an incident at a bar where he is a bouncer, he is fired.
On his way home, he decides to try his luck and buys a lottery ticket. He wins, big time.

With the money, he purchases a mountain home close to the small town of Jaffrey,
New Hampshire, where he and his family can lead a safe, good life. Or so he thought.

One morning, several military jets fly low overhead and strange things begin to occur,
like the TV, phones, and computers stop functioning. Marcus and his best friend Jake
go to town to investigate; they discover everyone has disappeared. They return home
only to have something unknown start terrorizing them. Will the small group of survivors
be able to hold out until help arrives…if it ever arrives?
Coming 2014
Grumbles the Novel, Book Three: How Many Pills Did You Take
Karen Faris
Genre:  New Adult/Science Fiction/Cli-fi

Information will be posted at a later date. Please check back.
Coming 2014
The Movie Buff
Daniel Cassidy
Genre:  Crime thriller  

A brutally, murderous drug heist on a deserted Florida beach, the gruesome torture
killings of two young men in different cities hundreds of miles apart, a rare and highly
collectable Special Forces fighting knife, the street abduction and subsequent gang-
rape of an innocent young schoolgirl, another botched drug deal that leaves five bodies
lying on the debris-strewn ground of a Detroit wasteland, a modern-day cowboy and a
full-blooded Jicarilla Apache Indian.  

Special Agent in Charge Jim Clarkson, and his young DEA assistant know that all of
these things are somehow related.  The only problem is–they don’t know how.

What they do know, is that the clock is running, and the body count is mounting, and
that if they don’t put all the pieces together real quick a lot more bodies are going to be
added to the final tally.
Coming 2014
Sunshine and Grimm
Melissa Hosack
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Sunshine and Grimm follows vampire detective Alex Grimm through his struggles to
track down the head of a murderous organization while playing the unfamiliar role of
newlywed. He has to balance torture and mayhem with gambling and requests to see
the newest tearjerker flick, things his new wife would prefer to do.

She’s also making his work life hell. Between sending him to interrogate a hairstylist
and tagging along to brawls involving creatures she’s not even sure she believes in,
Lacy makes Alex’s job worlds harder. How can he be expected to torture evil vampires
for information while his unwanted wife is bouncing around behind him with animated

Despite their differences and the fact that they drive each other insane, if the two of
them can put their heads together, they just might make a good team. They’ll kick a little
vampire ass or die trying. And along the way, they may just realize their feelings for one
another reach beyond mere lust. For two people so set in their ways, falling in love
might be just as difficult as catching a killer.
Coming 2014
The Last Order of the Templar
Matthew Melillo
Genre:  Historical Drama/Action

Information will be posted at a later date. Please check back
Coming 2014