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Book Three in the Journey of Twins Series
Janet Durbin
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi

Ever since the day Ruben escaped with his young nephew, Drayco had been
searching for them, to the point that his own family suffered because of it. When he
finally found the missing pair, Joey was a young man. He tried to bring the teen home
to his family, but unforeseen circumstances drove Joey away.

Unbeknown to Drayco, his wife and twin sister decided they could wait no longer for his
return. They leave Joseph home sick with the kids and depart toward the west,
toward Drayco’s last known location. Obstacles aplenty make their cross-country
journey a living nightmare, but they eventually reach their goal and find Drayco.

The women convince him to come home for a short rest. Unfortunately, a member of
the party became badly injured during the return trip. Will Joey be able to meet his
mother one last time? Or will Drayco’s children lose one of their parents forever to
the vengeance of another? Only time, and a miracle, will tell.
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The Unknown
Matthew Melillo
Genre:  Suspense/Horror /Drama

Marcus Belanger lives from pay check to pay check, struggling to keep his family afloat
and put food on the table. After an incident at a bar where he is a bouncer, he is fired.
On his way home, he decides to try his luck and buys a lottery ticket. He wins, big time.

With the money, he purchases a mountain home close to the small town of Jaffrey,
New Hampshire, where he and his family can lead a safe, good life. Or so he thought.

One morning, several military jets fly low overhead and strange things begin to occur,
like the TV, phones, and computers stop functioning. Marcus and his best friend Jake
go to town to investigate; they discover everyone has disappeared. They return home
only to have something unknown start terrorizing them. Will the small group of survivors
be able to hold out until help arrives…if it ever arrives?
Coming 2016
The Last Order of the Templar
Matthew Melillo
Genre:  Historical Drama/Action

Cyleon de Clerq is the personal Sergeant of the Grand Master of the Order of the
Knights Templar when the Order is brought down by the King of France and French
Pope. Jacques de Molay asks his loyal sergeant to carry out the deadly curse he puts
on those who brought the order down, and with that, creates a century’s long war that
carries on through present day.
Coming 2016
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Author Spotlight
Stephen O’Sullivan lives
in Dublin City, Ireland. He
works as a service
technician for an
international security

He first put pen to paper
three years ago when his
young daughter asked
him to write a story for
her. After just a few
sentences, he was
addicted to writing and
hasn’t paused since.

Anderson’s Gold is
Stephen’s first novel, but
many of his short stories
have been published in
various magazines and
Book Spotlight
2015 - 1st Q
When the case of an
alleged suicide of a local
poet is handed to her
detective boyfriend, and
things just don't add up,
police department
counselor Alayne
Vaughan pursues the
case, almost losing her
love, career

-and life-

in the process.
2015 - 2nd Q
2015 - 3rd Q
2016 Release Schedule Coming Soon