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It is December 2012 and the world is on
edge about the foretold end of through the
Mayan prediction of the end of the world.
While battling for their lives, these
individuals come up against unimaginable
natural disasters. Will humanity be able to
persevere? Or will they slip silently into the
night, returning earth to its original owner,
Mother Nature?

A comedic romp where the environmental
quagmires of our day have been left to
mutate and fester, Grumbles the Novel is a
modern skewing of love, politics and power.
With evil doers and potato pirates a foot,
Pettie is given the mission to boldly go where
no Grumbles has gone before and return to
Canada, where she must defeat the dreaded
Weatherman before he deploys his secret
Grumbles The Novel
Karen Faris
Melissa Hosack