If someone were to ask me what I am, it could be summed up in one,
simple word: Dreamer. Ever since I was a small child my imagination
has run wild. I have been telling stories for as long as I can remember,
creating grand worlds in my head and going on adventures that were
invisible to others around me. Am I eccentric? Yes. Am I proud of that?

I write about the things that inspire me, both in this world and in realms
only seen with the imagination. My heroines are sassy and strong. My
heroes are sometimes shy. I have an obsession with music (and
musicians) and a fascination with wings. I believe true love does exist,
and sometimes it is found in the strangest, most unexpected places. I
also believe that family and close friends are the glue that hold people

Above all things, I believe in being true to yourself and seizing the day.
Life is an amazing gift. Make your experience as beautiful as you
possibly can.
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Brieanna Robertson
Brieanna hugging the lead singer for
her favorite band Nightwish.
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What is weirder than a tattoo artist who
spends his summers pretending to be a
medieval knight? How about one who spends
his summers handing out ultimatums in a
bathroom stall. That’s the situation Cadence
finds herself in after fleeing from her
overprotective brother. Now, in order to stay
hidden, she must agree to be a squire. Can
Cadence win a knight's heart or will she self
destruct instead?

Nasarra takes Maxim back to the world of
detailed story of how she and her husband
met and fell in love, and about what it really
means to have your dreams come true.
Along the way, she teaches him a little
something about his own life, dreams, and
falling in love all over again.

With her eccentric husband telling her she's
become superficial, the strange scavenger
hunt/riddle-infused wild goose chase of a job
interview she is on, and the
sudden appearance of a bizarre man who
thinks he’s the Mad Hatter and who is acting
like her conscience, she is no longer sure
what to think. Only one thing is certain.
Alyssa feels like she has gone straight down
the rabbit hole.
Books by Brieanna Robertson

Bleeding Passion, she is not prepared for the
way her body and heart react to the sensual
singer. His presence stirs to life dormant
feelings inside of her, but will he show her
that not all men are evil and life can still be
beautiful and worth living?

Five concert tickets won on a radio contest
seem to be the perfect solution for Alyx to
get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend and
turn a new page in her life.

Thrown together in a bizarre and hilarious set
of circumstances, five strangers come to
realize the true meaning of friendship, love
and being true to oneself.

There is more than meets the eye to the dark,
brooding artist with the painful past known as
Traevyn Whitelaw, and spunky, outspoken
Evie plans on finding out just exactly what
the man is made of…if she can only figure
out how.
The Road Less Traveled
Brieanna Robertson
Better Than Chocolate
Brieanna Robertson
Dark Masterpiece
Brieanna Robertson
Brieanna Robertson
Stage Presents
Brieanna Robertson

Sometimes, a studio apartment can be your
solace; sometimes, it can guide you to
beauty, to safety, to life, to a new beginning.

And sometimes...it can guide you to a
sunrise where you find something so far
beyond what you imagined, you are left

He had never faltered in his assignments as
an assassin. His hand had never wavered. But
that was before he’d been ordered to kidnap
her. A woman of unique disposition,
undaunted in the face of her adversity. A
woman bearing the same name as the
immortal flower he so cherished.
Brieanna Robertson

Hayden, a self-proclaimed nomad and
adventure-seeker, rode out of his hometown
without a backward glance. Running out of
excuses to stay away, he’s come home for
the first time in seven years. At an annual
biker rally, he never expected to meet a
gorgeous, spunky woman threatening him
with a spear. But in the process of chasing
his dreams, had he turned his back on
Rebel Wind
Brieanna Robertson

Logan Savage is a man's man. His idea of a
good time has never included watching over
and entertaining a bunch of kids at a summer
camp to avoid a jail sentence for assaulting
a cop. Especially kids with a love for
mythology and medieval fantasy. In other
words-a bunch of geeks. Can he look past the
self-absorbed, shallow man and find the
courage to embrace the true warrior he was
meant to become? .
Warrior's Rise
Brieanna Robertson

A Compilation of works from two authors,
writing about extraordinary creatures
interacting with people who are lost...then
find themselves.

High school teacher Sophie, always rational
and practical, privately dreams of rocking
with a bass guitar. Famous rock musician
Zane has never had any other dream but to
compose and play music. But lately, all of
his inspiration has died. When Zane and
Sophie are thrown together unexpectedly,
sparks fly between them. But will their two
opposing lifestyles drive them apart, or bring
Extraordinary Creatures
Brieanna Robertson & Tex Leiko
Musician's Monsoon
Brieanna Robertson

After disastrous relationships and a dead-end,
grunt labor job, we were burnt out on life and
even more burnt out on men. The only thing
that made us happy was a metal band we
adored. So, on a whim, we had decided we
would follow them on their tour across the
West Coast. We needed some adventure,
some fun, a step out of normality. What we
got was mayhem, a lesson in life, and a
lesson in love.
Second Rate Groupies
Brieanna Robertson

A crazy surfer gypsy girl who kidnaps Slade,
sees him for the man he always wanted to
be. She takes him on an adventure he never
wanted, forces him to look at the things he’s
hidden for so long…

She might just love him…

She might just save his life…
Summer Skye
Brieanna Robertson

Kelly has always written about the
extraordinary, but when she suddenly finds
herself stuck with a see-through imaginary
man she created when she was a child, the
lines of fantasy and reality become blurred.

Can she keep him? Prove that magic and
fantasy can exist in real life? Or will the man
she comes to love be torn from her forever by
the self-centered world’s lack of belief?
Beyond Wild Imaginings
Brieanna Robertson

Melody hasn’t played anything since her
parents were killed in a tragic car accident.
But when her friend buys her an old,
weathered music score that seems to call to
her, she is intrigued. Playing again also
brings her to the living room of a muse—a
man who lives and breathes music, who can
calm her with a touch and make her hear
symphonies. Her muse. Her salvation. Her
Liron's Melody
Brieanna Robertson