Alyssa has the opportunity of a lifetime staring her in the face—the
chance to become Senior Creative Director at the magazine she
works for. It’s her dream job, everything she’s ever wanted…

With her eccentric husband telling her she’s become superficial,
the strange scavenger hunt/riddle-infused wild goose chase of a
job interview she is on, and the sudden appearance of a bizarre
man who thinks he’s the Mad Hatter and who is acting like her
conscience, she is no longer sure.

Only one thing is certain. Alyssa feels like she has gone straight
down the rabbit hole, and nothing is what she had imagined it to
be. The questions are, when she is forced to look at herself in the
looking glass, will she like what she sees?

And who will she imagine being by her side, if anyone?
“And do you want this job that badly?” For the first time, his voice actually rose in
ferocity. “No matter what the cost?”


“Then friggin’
fight for it! You want it so badly, yet you are willing to throw it away
because of some petty fear? Do you know how to fight for
anything? Is there
anything that you would go to lengths for? Throw away your own selfishness for?”

“I’m not selfish!” she cried, but her voice wavered and her chin trembled.

“Aren’t you? You won’t fight for anything—your husband, your job…all these things
you claim are important to you. Yet here you are, whining about doing the
SkyJump. You say you are hungry for something, yet when it threatens you, you
decide to throw it away. If that’s how you function, I'm not surprised that your
husband wants nothing to do with you.”

Something exploded inside of Alyssa like a powder keg, and she stabbed her
finger into Hat-man’s chest. “You think I don’t know how to fight for anything? You
think nothing matters to me?”

He shrugged flippantly.

“Watch me,” she growled. She turned on her heel and strode toward the entrance
to the SkyJump. She didn’t think about the height, didn’t think about the drop, didn’
t think about anything other than proving the obnoxious man in the stupid hat

Because he had to be wrong. She wasn’t selfish. She wasn’t.

She barely felt the man strapping her into her harness.

She had to prove them wrong, all of them. She wasn’t selfish; she was being
responsible. She had to prove to Tucker that he was wrong.

Why is he the one who’s wrong? He’s happy. What are you? A disaster.

“Are you ready, miss?”

She stared straight ahead and thought of Tucker, of the light in his beautiful blue
eyes that had never died. Her eyes had lost that light a long time ago. Now, when
she looked in the mirror, she only saw fatigue and dark circles.


But that would change when she landed this job. She would be calling a lot of the
shots. She wouldn’t be an errand girl anymore, jumping through hoops all the time.
She would finally be able to do something with her life, her dreams. She could get
her life back together. All of this would be worth it then.


Tucker would see. She hadn’t abandoned their dreams together; she was making it
possible for them to live their dreams. He would be able to act and not have to wait
tables anymore. She could be the breadwinner, and in the process, she would be
able to live her dreams as a designer. That was how it had to be. It was the only
conclusion that made sense. She had been sacrificing all this time so that they
could finally reach the goals they had set!

Tucker achieved his goals long ago. You ditched yours because you got
discouraged. He’s doing what he loves, and he’s good at it. He’s even working two
nights a week as a sous chef for a prestigious restaurant. When he never even
went to culinary school. He had the drive. He had the ambition. The only thing you’
re good at doing is blaming everyone else.


“Just do it. Get it over with,” she muttered.

“Um....well, you have to jump. It’s not like I’m going to push you.”

Alyssa glanced at the young man, then down at all the rigging he had strapped her
into. She looked over at the platform she had to jump from, and instead of feeling
terrified like she expected, she just felt numb. The war in her own mind switched off
and she thought if she jumped, at least she wouldn’t have to think for a couple of
seconds. At the moment, that seemed like heaven...not thinking...not feeling

She turned and leapt.

Without any thought. Without any fear.

She just...did.
The One Inside the
Looking Glass
Brieanna Robertson
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