She frowned. He looked slightly familiar… Yes! Holy cow! It was the hottie who
had run into her on the street earlier that week! But, that wasn’t all. Something
else called to Nasarra. Something deeper. Where else had she seen him before?
He mesmerized her. She couldn’t tear her gaze from him. It was like he was
hypnotizing her with his unusual green-gold eyes and his wonderful voice.
Suddenly, he stopped singing and Nasarra blinked. Two other people replaced
him on the stage and she shook her head. Okay, that had been bizarre. She
shook her head again and resumed her search for her purse.

For the rest of the night, Nasarra waited in anticipation for any scene that man
was in. She had given up searching for her purse and had finally managed to find
it at intermission lodged in the next person’s seat. After making the mad race to
the bathroom, she looked in her program to see who that magnificent actor was.
He stared up at her in beautiful black and white, beside his character’s name,
Raoul Vicomte deChagny. He wore a mischievous smile and the lighting used in
the photo highlighted his finely sculpted facial features. She glanced down at the
name. Caleb Makepeace. She frowned. Even his name sounded familiar!

Act II seemed to fly by, and when the last song was sung, Nasarra was extremely
disappointed. She had waited to see this musical for so long, and now, all too
soon, it was over like some fantastic fantasy. When the performers came out to
take their bows, she stood up and was quite certain that she clapped the loudest.
Especially for that magnificent performer, Caleb Makepeace.

When the curtain closed and people started to file out of the theatre, Nasarra
walked as slow as possible, trying to take in all of the sights and lock them away
in her memory. There was no telling when she would be in a theatre like The
Curran again.

It was pelting rain when she finally managed to wander
her way to the door. It cloaked everything in mist and the steam from the manhole
coverings on the street wisped and weaved in a slow, beguiling dance of mystery.
She smiled. She had found the rain annoying the other day, but now she found it
magical. It seemed to make the night complete.

She stepped outside and turned the collar of her jacket up to protect her neck
from the dampness. Pivoting on her heel, she started up the street, but rammed
into a person who was walking in the opposite direction with such a force that it
knocked the air from her. She staggered back, trying to regain her senses, and
looked up at the poor person she had just run over. Her eyes nearly bulged clear
out of her skull. She had just mowed over the handsome actor with the beautiful
voice! She squeezed her eyes shut in humiliation. This was great. Just great.

“Excuse me,” she whispered. She stepped aside to let him by and averted her
eyes to the pavement. He did the same, in the same direction, and they were right
back to where they had started. She swallowed, feeling really dumb. Things just
kept getting better and better. She stepped to her left; he stepped to his right.
She stifled a groan. She stepped to her right; he stepped to his left.

A beautifully rich and masculine chuckle escaped the man’s throat and he
stepped back. “Did you want to dance?” he teased. “Is that what you’re going for?
You want to dance a minuet?”

Nasarra blushed. “I’m sorry,” she murmured.

He flashed her a dazzling smile. “That’s all right,” he assured. He frowned slightly,
looking her over, and some small bit of recognition came to life in his eyes. He
pointed to the program she clutched to her chest. “You were at the show tonight?”

Nasarra nodded, attempting to swallow the lump in her throat.

“You were in the front row, weren’t you?”

She stole a glance at him and nodded again.

He grinned. “I thought so. I always look out into the audience when I’m on stage,
and I happened to glance over at you. I saw your fiery red hair and thought to
myself, ‘that can’t be the woman I ran down in the street the other day.’”

She gave a nervous laugh. “Yeah, that was a crazy day.”

His grin broadened. “My name’s Caleb,” he said, extending his hand.

Nasarra stared at him. This was incredible. She held her hand out numbly and
shook his, amazed by the power of his 26 Stage Presents grip. “Nasarra.” Her
voice came out like the croak of a dying frog and she cleared her throat.
“Nasarra,” she stated.

His eyes swept over her again. “Nasarra. That’s a very pretty name.”

She smiled shyly. “Thank you.” She braved a glance up at him and couldn’t help
but feel heat course through her body at his stunning smile. It was mischievous,
playful, and the small dimple it created in his cheek made her heart falter.

“So, I guess we’re even,” he said.

She frowned.

“I ran you over. You repaid me in like kind.” He folded his arms and raised an
eyebrow. “Where should we go from here?”
Maxim is suffering from horrendous writer’s block and has a
deadline for a new novel looming ominously on the horizon. When
a friend tells him she is planning on writing she and her husband’s
love story in script form, and then performing it as a play for his
anniversary gift, he is intrigued. When she asks him to write the
script, he is elated.

Nasarra takes Maxim back to the world of theatre in 1997-1998 as
she tells him the detailed story of how she and her husband met
and fell in love, and about what it really means to have your
dreams come true. Along the way, she teaches him a little
something about his own life, dreams, and falling in love all over
Stage Presents
Brieanna Robertson
Reviews will be posted as they are received.
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April 2011

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Book Five in the Serendipity Series
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