“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked.

I snorted. “Yeah! It was amazing!”

His smirk morphed into that gorgeous grin. He fluttered the set list tauntingly in
front of me. I tried to grab it again, only to have him yank it back. “I have a feeling
you want this,” he teased.

I gave him a withered expression. “You think?”

“Come on!” DeeDee cried from behind me. “You have no idea what it was like
competing with all these kids! We deserve something!”

He glanced at DeeDee, chuckled, then turned his mocking gray eyes my direction
again. He arched an eyebrow. “Do you have a name?”

I was taken aback by his question, and I stared at him for a moment of stunned
silence before I folded my arms over my chest and adopted a posture that was all
attitude. “Most people are given one at birth.”

He shook his head and dangled the set list over the barrier. I grasped for it again,
only to be thwarted for a third time. I glowered. He grinned, his eyes all devilish
mirth. “Wanna tell me what it is?”

I felt ice form in my glare. “If I did, you’d probably know it by now.”

He gave a lazy, nonchalant shrug with one shoulder and waved the set list back
and forth from one corner like a pendulum. “Too bad. I guess you’re not a real fan
then. I’m sure I can find someone else to give this to.” He looked around at the few
remaining people in the theatre.

“Yeah, like me!” DeeDee volunteered, stepping forward. “I’m DeeDee!” She jerked
her thumb in my direction. “She’s Robyn.”

I stared at her, my jaw falling open. The little traitor!

His smile was absolutely wolfish as his gaze came to rest on mine. “Now, this girl’s
got it going on.” He gestured at DeeDee, then leaned forward over the barrier,
propping himself up against his arms. The set list still hung from his fingers.
DeeDee grasped for it, but his reflexes were fast. He gave her a chastising look
and Heather apparently thought it was all enormously funny because she started
to laugh. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, DeeDee,” he said, then nodded toward
Heather. “You guys all friends?”

“Yeah, that’s Heather,” DeeDee supplied.

“You live here?” he prodded.

“In Arizona, yeah.”

I heaved a sigh. Did she really feel it necessary to divulge all of our personal
information? Apparently, she did because the next sentence out of her mouth was
telling him our plan to follow the band on tour.

He raised both of his eyebrows and something glinted in his eyes. I wasn’t sure
what it was. Hope? Elation? Mischief? Maybe a mix of all three.

“Well, that’s an interesting bit of information,” he said. He flashed me a huge, evil
grin and handed the set list out to me.

I stared at him for a long moment, sure he was going to snatch it back from me
again. Finally, I reached out and grabbed it, jerking it out of his hand.

“Have a good night, Red Robyn,” he practically purred.

I gave him a meager smile and waved my hand in an airy dismissal before I
grasped DeeDee by the arm and hauled her toward the exit. Red Robyn. Now that
was original.

“I’m Ethan!” he called after me.

I waved my arm again.

“See you in Vegas!”

I bullied my way out the exit with Heather and DeeDee both giggling. “What a tool,”
I muttered once I was in the lobby.

“A tool?” DeeDee laughed. “He wasn’t a tool! He was totally into you! And he was

“He was a playboy,” I grumbled.

“You don’t know that,” Heather put in. “He was only teasing with you. You didn’t
have to be such an ice queen.”

I pursed my lips in distaste and decided to study my set list rather than continue
the subject. I’d earned the stupid thing; I may as well enjoy it. I smiled as my eyes
grazed over all the song titles.

DeeDee snorted. “That should have been mine,” she griped. “I was the one
working for it. You were going to stand there and have a battle of stubborn pride
with Hot Ethan all night long just because you could.”

I rolled my eyes. “What else was I supposed to do? Fawn all over him like a
groupie just so I could get a set list? No thanks. Maybe if he worked for the band
and could get me backstage, I would have been a little more compliant.” It was at
that moment I recalled what Ethan had shouted at me right as I’d made a break for
it out the exit door. See you in Vegas! My eyes widened. See us in Vegas? Did
that mean…?
"I suppose, in the end, it really comes down to a choice you have
to make yourself—live in the shadows because it’s much easier,
or chase the small glimmers of gold, choosing to believe that, if
you follow them, they will lead you to oceans of it…"

That's what we were doing, chasing the glimmers of gold. We
needed something to believe in again, my two best friends and
me. After disastrous relationships and a dead-end, grunt labor
job, we were burnt out on life and even more burnt out on men.
The only thing that made us happy, that we all had in common,
was a metal band we adored. So, on a whim, we had decided we
would follow them on their tour across the West Coast. We
needed some adventure, some fun, a step out of normality.

What we got was mayhem. And what I got was a cocky, sexy
security guard who was determined to pursue me despite my
less than encouraging attitude.

I had expected an adventure. What I'd received was a lesson in
life, and a lesson in love. Some untouchable stars are not always
out of reach, and sometimes real life can be better than fiction.
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