He seemed to pick up on what she was listening to and his grin widened to the
point that his dimple showed. “Do you like motorcycles at all?”

She tucked a few errant strands of hair behind her ears and nodded, then folded
her arms self-consciously across her chest. “Yeah, my dad and sister are really
into them. I rode once with my dad, but he didn’t tell me to wear long pants, or not
to get off on the muffler side.”

Hayden sucked in his breath and winced, obviously knowing where the story was

“Yeah. Burned the crap out of my leg. It got all infected too. Was all gnarly and
smelly and gangrenous.” She stopped and averted her eyes. Yeah, that was sexy.
Such a turn on, talking about necrotic flesh. Couldn’t she just go to bed? Like,
now? She cleared her throat and stole a glance back up at him again.

He was smirking. He stuffed his hands in his back pockets and rocked lightly on
the balls of his feet. “Well, at least they didn’t have to amputate.”

She giggled. “Yeah, I didn’t even go to a doctor. It’s amazing what peroxide will
do.” She shrugged one shoulder in the most ridiculous, teenage-girl gesture she
had done since she’d actually been a teenager. “Didn’t really even leave much of
a scar.” Was this really the conversation they were having? The hottest man she’d
basically ever seen was chilling out in her living room and she was talking about
festering burns?

“Well, uh…” He rubbed his hand along the back of his neck and looked down in
the masculine version of teenager posturing. “I ride. A motorcycle.” He cleared his
throat in the same nervous way she had done, and she smiled as some of her
unease slipped away. “That’s actually why I’m here. I’m up for Street Vibrations.
Tomorrow, me, a friend of mine, our Harleys, and Jack and his crotch-rocket―”

Gina burst out laughing at the slang term for a sports bike, having heard Shelby
use it before. Her laughter caused Hayden to smile and heave a sigh that almost
sounded like relief.

“We’re riding up to Virginia City tomorrow for a bit. Are you planning on doing
anything for Street Vibes?”

Gina snorted. “Are you kidding me? I don’t have a choice. My sister Shelby
considers it a national holiday.”

He chuckled and adopted a much more relaxed stance, sidling just a little bit closer
to her. Close enough that she got a whiff of his cologne. She didn’t know what it
was aside from wonderful. It was earthy and musky, masculine while still smelling

“Would you…maybe…be interested in riding up with us? You and your sister?”
Gina arched an eyebrow playfully. “Are you really asking me out right now? After
you raided my house, scared me to death, and I almost speared you?”

“Maybe,” he said with an irresistible, boyish smile.

Gina’s heart tumbled over itself a couple times and she bit her bottom lip shyly.
This was officially the weirdest way she had ever been hit on. But like she was
gonna say no. He was gorgeous. “Yeah, okay.”

His grin was like daylight. “Really?”

She giggled. “Yeah. What time are you going? I’ll have Shelby meet me over here.”
“I think we’re heading out around eleven. We can come and get you then. Your
sister can ride with Jack or Troy, whoever she wants.”

“This Troy guy has a Harley?”

He nodded.

“Yeah, she’ll go with him. I don’t think she’d be caught dead on a sports bike.” She
gave him what she hoped was a beguiling smile. “Does that mean I have to ride
with your brother?”

He snorted. “Um, no. You’ll ride with me. Of course.”
She laughed softly. “Of course. What was I thinking?”

Jackson came back into the room then, shooting his brother a perplexed
expression. “I think it’s all figured out now,” he said to Gina. “I’m really sorry about
the inconvenience.”

She shrugged and glanced back up at Hayden with a smile. “It’s no
inconvenience.” There was a sparkle in his eye that she liked.

“All right, well, I’m pretty sure we won’t be bothering you again tonight, ma’am.
Thank you for your cooperation.” He grabbed Hayden’s arm and started to haul
him out after him.

“See you tomorrow,” Hayden called over his shoulder with a wink.
Hayden, a self-proclaimed nomad and adventure-seeker, rode
out of his hometown seven years ago without a backward glance.
Running out of excuses to stay away, he’s come home for the first
time in seven years to visit his brother and attend the annual
biker rally.

He doesn’t know what he expected, but it certainly wasn’t to get
stuck going on a police raid. And he certainly never expected to
meet a gorgeous, spunky woman threatening him with a spear. If
that wasn’t enough, he never thought one chance encounter
would make him question everything he had believed about his

All Hayden ever wanted was to feel the wind against his face and
the freedom that came with it. But in the process of chasing that,
had he turned his back on everything that had ever meant
anything to him? And how can he pursue the woman he has come
to care for if he has a divided heart?
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