It was the last song before the encore, and Rhonda started talking to the audience
about how great a crowd they were. Zane seized the opportunity to take a long
drink of a beer he’d had sitting on the floor. It was warm, which was gross. Not that
it had been good to begin with. He decided to give it to one of the fans. He aimed
for the black-haired twins because they were so into the show, but he changed his
mind at the last minute when his gaze fell on that girl again.

He stepped to the edge of the stage and extended his hand, but the woman he
aimed for was shoved out of the way by the blonde with the bad hair. She
stretched over the barrier, extending to the point that Zane seriously thought she
might dislocate her shoulders. He frowned and pulled the beer bottle just out of
her grasp, then purposely held it toward the sandy-haired girl, who was elbowing
the blonde in the ribs as she pushed her way back in again.

Zane smirked and met the woman’s eyes, then indicated that he wanted to give
the beer to her. She blinked, arched an eyebrow, and looked around in confusion,
as if thinking he had to be motioning to someone else. He grinned and held it
toward her again, giving a nod and a wink to let her know he meant her. The
blonde, meanwhile, had managed to extend her arm over to him again, grasping
like a seeking tentacle, and the sandy-haired woman shoved her hard, reached
out, and accepted the beer bottle. She met his eyes for a second and smiled.

Zane’s heart began to beat double time and he returned her smile. He chuckled
under his breath when the blonde beside her pouted like a child. He walked over
to the other side of the stage and touched the hands of a few screaming fans
before heading back toward the keyboard for the next song.

It was at that precise moment that he glanced back at the woman he seemed to be
so enamored with, and instead of his gaze falling on her face, it fell on the blonde
next to her. His eyes widened as she managed to climb over the barrier and, with
impressive speed and strength, launched herself onto the stage. He didn’t really
have time to react, and he wished he had. If his reflexes had been better, he would
have run—fast.

The material masquerading as her shirt came untied and fell down. And her two
behemoth breasts loomed straight at his face. All he really had time to do was put
his hands up and gasp, thus inhaling a mouthful of silicone and falling backwards
while she tackled him. A guitar smashed to the ground, and feedback squealed
from the amp. He heard frantic footsteps all around, and he felt hands attempt to
tug the Amazonian nightmare off of him, which he was grateful for…because he
was suffocating.

A security guard finally managed to haul her away. Correction—two security
guards. They yanked her off Zane, and he scrambled into a standing position
before he fled to the back of the stage. His friends surrounded him, asking him if
he was all right, but all he could do was shake his head and try to understand what
had just happened. Death by boobs. Regardless of what any man said, that was
not a good way to go.

“Zane!” the drummer, Billy, called. He shook him vigorously and forced Zane to
look up at him. “Are you okay, man?”

Zane blinked and shook his head, trying to dispel that awful image from his mind.
“Y-Yeah,” he stammered. “They were so…big.”

Kate and Billy exchanged a concerned glance. “Did you hit your head, dude?” Billy

He cleared his throat. “I’m fine. I was just…” He shook his head again and tried to
regroup. “I’m fine. Let’s finish the show.”

“Are you sure?” Rhonda asked.

He nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. I promise.” He forced a smile. “That’ll be something I
won’t forget anytime soon.”

“That’ll be something none of us will forget anytime soon,” Matt grumbled.

Zane smiled, this time a little more genuinely, and he pushed away from his
friends, resuming his place behind the keyboard. The crowd cheered, and he held
his hands up to assure everyone he was all right. His eyes instinctively returned to
the place where the sandy-haired woman was, but his heart plummeted.

She was no longer there.
High school teacher Sophie has always been rational and
practical, not prone to fanciful notions. Only in private does she
entertain the idea of rocking it on stage with a bass guitar.

Famous rock musician Zane has never had any other dream but
to compose and play music. But lately, all of his inspiration has
died. He can no longer create, and he feels as if his life is greatly
devoid of something he can’t put his finger on.

When Zane and Sophie are thrown together unexpectedly, sparks
fly between them like lightning. But will their two opposing
lifestyles drive them apart, or create a perfect balance?
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Musician's Monsoon
Brieanna Robertson