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A Julliard graduate and former member of the Philharmonic
Orchestra, Melody hasn’t played anything since her parents
were killed in a tragic car accident. But when her friend buys her
an old, weathered music score that seems to call to her, she is

She knew that playing again would be a freeing feeling, but she
never expected the action to open up a gateway to a world
where creation and the arts are dominant and emotions are not
frowned upon, but embraced. And she definitely never expected
to be tossed into the living room of a muse—a man who lives
and breathes music, who can calm her with a touch and make
her hear symphonies.

As Melody learns of Liron, his world, and his own loss, she
begins to heal, feel whole, and find herself again. But when the
connection to Melody’s world and the muse world is severed, will
the music Liron inspired, as well as the power of her love, be
enough to reunite them? More importantly, can Melody find the
strength within herself to face the past she has been running
from and do what needs to be done for the future she longs to
Liron's Melody
Brieanna Robertson
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Available in Print & e-book
ugust 2018


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