Whimsical Publications was established in 2006 as a Limited Liability Company and is
located in sunny Florida. The company specializes in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal,
Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Young adult, Western and Historical. We are open
to other genre as long as the story is well written.

As an independent publisher, we love to maintain the small town feel. To do that, we take
the time to work with our authors. From their input during the designing of their covers
to keeping their "voice" while the editing process is completed, they
are an important part
of the steps
it takes to turn a manuscript into a book. Here at WP, we value working with
our authors.

We are a royalty paying publisher and our books are available in both print and e-books
simultaneously. At no time are the authors at WP charged to have their works published.

A limited number of titles are added each year. Our novels are from established authors
as well as new, undiscovered talent. Each one of them writes their story with heart and

If you are interested in submitting to WP, please follow the instructions under the
Submission tab.

Any work performed on your manuscript through our sister company, Art and Edit, will
not be published through Whimsical Publications. That would be a conflict of interest in
our mind.
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