“So?” Athena asked, unfazed.

“So?” Remus repeated incredulously. “So I don’t think anyone, regardless of the
offense, deserves that.”

Athena blinked before smiling slyly, her grey eyes hiding her thoughts. “Sorry. It’s
your go.”

It was time to stop dancing around the issue. “If they found you once, they might be
able to find you again.”

Athena had lifted her fork to take another bite, but at his words, she slowly lowered
it. “I know.”

“Then why are we here and not running?”

Athena paused for a second. That second became ten seconds. “Damn you,
Remus.” She said it with a grudging smile, and Remus got the feeling he might
have won this game. “We’re here because we want them to attack.”

“Why?” Remus blurted. “Why not keep driving.”

He was afraid Athena would take this as a separate question, but she answered
with a quote. “To be prepared is half the victory. If they have a way of tracking us
then it’s not if they will attack, but when, and we want that ‘when’ to be on our
timetable. Not after we’ve both been up for forty-eight hours in the middle of

She sure was throwing out the pronoun “we” awfully freely. To give himself time to
think, Remus absently jabbed his fork in his spaghetti for another bite, but when his
fork scraped plate, he looked down to find it empty. Athena’s plate was empty as
well. The pot with the last little bit left was directly between of them.

Athena’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Three…” she said. What was she doing?
“Two…” she counted down, glancing meaningfully at the pot. Oh crap. Remus
reached over to grab the pot. “One…” Athena finished, leaning over, her hands
snapping out quicker than Remus’ eyes could follow. She grabbed the pot’s handle
and dragged it out of Remus’ reach at the last possible second.

“Mine, mine, mine!” she sang, shaking the last portion of spaghetti onto her plate.

“Not fair!” Remus protested. “Of course you would get to it first!”

“I gave you a three second head start!”

“Yeah…but without warning.” He was smiling, despite himself. Despite the fact she
had just told him in all likeliness they would be attacked again. He should be
cowering in a corner, not competing for spaghetti.

“My go,” she said, after taking a bite of spaghetti. Remus noticed she was now
waiting until after she chewed to speak, which meant his words had gotten through
to her. “Don’t read too much into it,” she warned.

“Don’t read my mind.” Before today, he’d never had need to utter those words.

The corner around Athena’s eyes tightened and Remus wondered if he had
annoyed her again. “In all likelihood, there will be another battle.” She took a sip of
soda. “If you leave now, there’s a decent chance of escape. So…what are you
going to do?”

She was looking at him anxiously. Why was he so important? Why did she want him
to stay so badly? He would use his next question to figure that out. “I won’t…I won’t
leave,” he said, his voice coming out as a barely-heard whisper. It was hardly the
most encouraging statement, but the way Athena grinned ear from ear, you would
think he gave a rousing speech

“Excellent!” she exclaimed, standing straight up so that her chair toppled
backwards. “Well, best to get prepared.”
“Wait,” Remus cried. “I had one last question!”

“Uh-uh. We started with you so the last question is mine.” It was a decent point, but
Remus knew she was using it to prevent him from asking his last question.
“Besides, we have measures we must take...”

“Measures,” Remus repeated, trying the word on his tongue and deciding he didn’t
care for it. “What type of measures?”

Athena was in the other room, though her voice carried. “Measures to stop us from
being murdered by a band of meticulous killers with advanced weapons and
tactics,” she explained, her voice far, far too cheerful.

“Is it too late to change my mind?” Remus asked hopefully.

Athena stuck her head out of the room, grey eyes alight with righteous indignation.

“Thought so,” Remus sighed. “How can I help?”
In Greek Mythology, Pandora’s Box held all the evils of mankind,
creating a barrier between humanity and those evils. In today’s
modern world, Pandora’s Box is a facility that imprisons a group
of sub-humans known only as Residents. Each Resident is
engineered with mysterious and horrifying power, thus making
them a danger to mankind and Pandora’s Box prisoners.

Athena is a devious young Resident who sees life as a game. In
the interest of entertainment, she makes a daring exodus from
Pandora’s Box. Through the intertwining of fate, Athena’s path
crosses that of Remus Sylvia, a 17-year old boy with massive
intelligence but who suffers from serve depression.

The Residents, unstable and at times perverse, are seeking an
opportunity to free themselves from the restraints of Pandora’s
Box, but their freedom could potentially unleash unspeakable
horrors onto the world.
Pandora's Box
Wesley Brian Williams
Book Reviews
"What an engaging book! I was hooked from
the beginning (I first read the sample) and I
devoured it over the course of a few days. The
story lays out and unfolds well, and I enjoyed
learning more about each character through
the variety of character perspectives. I enjoyed
and appreciated the creativity of the story
overall and the many interesting and layered
characters. I highly recommend this book."
-Krystal L Stanley

"As an up and coming author, Wesley Williams
shows great potential with his first publication.
The character depth and well thought out plot
makes this a great novel for a first time author."
-Amazon Customer

"I am ready for the sequel.... It is truly a page
turner. The next Dean Koontz." -Williams
Fiction-Suspense/Horror /Drama

Available in Print & e-book
December 2015

$18.95 / $7.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-940707-72-3
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