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Brad Schrader jumps at the chance to help
the local sheriff investigate a murder case in
order to learn more about Chester Dorian,
and in turn, learn his own short comings for
the reason his wife cheated on him.
Books by Sissy Nelsen

Although retired from the force, when Brad
Schrader’s best friend, Joe Harms’ wife is
missing, he helps the local sheriff with the
investigation. By chance, Brad discovers
Valerie Harms’ dead body, and in an attempt
to get him off the case, the killer kidnaps
Brad’s five year old son, Adam, turning the
case personal.

Tired of his job, Lieutenant Brad Schrader is
contemplating early retirement and pursuit of
another career, that of a mystery writer. His
endeavors prove useless when he’s called
upon to investigate the murder of Melody
Anselmo. During the investigation, he and
his partner discover something best left
unsaid. The murder remains a cold case in
New York City.
Mystery was her forte. For years, Delores B. Nelsen (AKA)
Sissy Nelsen had been entertaining friends and family members
with her unique stories. Her books were smart, clever and full of
twists and turns, with surprising conclusions. Fasten your seat
belt while she takes you on a roller coaster ride through her
stories. An ardent gardener, she was born and raised in New
Jersey. She claimed gardening and writing went hand in hand.
While she was working a plot of land, it gave her time to plot
another mystery.

Sadly, we lost Delores (Sissy) Nelsen in May 2014. We will miss
her dearly.

Will Brad be able to keep his promise to his
mother? Can he convince his hesitant
partner, Lieutenant Joseph Spencer, that he
is only helping to solve the murders and not
take the limelight? Or is Kevin really the
killer? Hopefully, he can find the answers
before another victim is discovered.
Outline of Murder
Sissy Nelsen
When the Snow Melts
Sissy Nelsen
House of Strangers
Sissy Nelsen
Schrader's Girls
Sissy Nelsen