Sharon McGregor
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When Abby receives a plea for help from her
old college friend Nikki, she's inclined to
ignore it. Nikki was always a drama queen.
But she's convinced someone is trying to kill
her. Abby has reasons to get away and soon
she's off to a remote private island where
undercurrents abound in the family circle.
She soon realizes her friend isn't being
fanciful. The danger is real and now it's after

Abby is heading into danger once more. This
time the call for help comes from her
daughter, Mandy. While trying to stop her ex
husband from being framed for murder, she
must delve into the past of a long lost mother
and an assortment of interesting people.
Abby planned on spending Christmas Eve on
a tropical island with her new love, Neil.
Instead, she is fighting for her life in a New
Ade Spa.
Sharon McGregor is a prairie author who has recently transplanted to the west coast. She has written many
humor, romance and mystery stories for magazines. She has several romance novellas in the process of
publication but mystery is her genre of choice. When not fighting with her cat Zoey for control of the computer
keyboard, she is working at her ice cream shop.

Taylor Armstrong returns to her hometown to
bury Aunt Grace and soon finds herself the
focus of unwanted attention. The town seems
to have an unhealthy interest in her staying
or leaving. Her house is broken into - twice.
She enlists the help of neighbor, Edie, and
her Jack Russell Terrier, Tristan, to find
answers. But can Sgt. Scott of the RCMP
keep Taylor safe against a single-minded
Old Shadow, New Murder
Sharon McGregor
Island Charms
Sharon McGregor
Murder at the Island Spa
Sharon McGregor

Five college friends meet for a reunion in an
isolated cottage in the lake area, reminiscing
about their college life. It becomes apparent
that they all have secrets they would prefer to
keep hidden. Then one of them has a terrible
accident-or is it? What secret could possibly
warrant a death sentence? And who will be
Five can keep a Secret
Sharon McGregor

Taylor Armstrong is once more involved in a
small town murder. Between keeping tabs on
the investigation and trying to decipher
RCMP Sergeant Andrew Scott’s changing
attitude to their relationship, she has her
hands full. When Taylor becomes a little too
involved with one of the suspects, she is
thrown into danger. Now Andrew is in a fight
to keep her safe and collar a killer..
Murder is Handy
Sharon McGregor