Taylor Armstrong is once more involved in a small town murder of
Jonah Whitcomb, Badger Lake's local handyman, as she
becomes the confidante of more than one suspect. Between
keeping tabs on the investigation and trying to decipher RCMP
Sergeant Andrew Scott’s changing attitude to their relationship,
she has her hands full.

When Taylor becomes a little too involved with one of the
suspects, she is thrown into danger. Andrew races to keep one
step ahead of her. Now he is in a fight to keep her safe and collar
a killer.
“I told you Jonah was not a nice person. I found out personally a couple of years
ago when he did some work for me.”

“Didn't finish the job or do the work properly?”

“Nothing like that. Actually he was very good at what he did. No, it was after the
work was done and I was about to pay him the amount he quoted. Suddenly he
upped the amount. I told him that wasn't the agreed price and he began to talk
about my relationship with your Aunt Grace.”

“He didn't!”

“Grace came over here often and I guess while he was working here he must have
put two and two together and worked out what our relationship was.”

“But you would never give in to blackmail!”

“Of course not. Jonah thought in a small town, I might not want people to know our
relationship. I told him he could tell whomever he wanted, that the town already
knew and didn't care.”

“How did he react to that?”

“He backed down pretty quickly, said that's not what he meant at all and went back
to the original quote.”

“So,” said Taylor slowly. “If he tried it on with you, there may be others in town he
tried it on. And other people might have cared more than you about their personal
lives being known.”

“I should have paid more attention to him after that. But how could I warn people? I
couldn't very well take out an ad in the paper and say Jonah tried to blackmail me.
Hide your secrets.”

“If you tell Andrew, I imagine it will give him a line to follow. Other than that, who
would want to kill him? He always seemed a friendly fellow and yet...”

“And yet what?”

“Did you notice at the coffee shop, it was so different from last year when Jennie
and Tara Lynn died. Everyone was shocked then and maybe gossiped a lot, but
they were genuinely sorry. You could see it in their faces.”

Edie finished her thought. “But with Jonah, it was no more than conversation about
something that happened in town, there was no grief in anyone's voices.”

“Sad, isn't it? I wonder if Andrew will track down the sister. Or if she'll even care

“She might. It was the father she ran away from, not Jonah.”

“But what about Brenda's comment about the men happy to see the back of him?
Sounds like there must be at least one or two women in town who might mourn
him. If it's true, that is.”

Edie frowned a little and said. “If he did have a romantic interest, it was probably
with a married woman,” she said. “I've never seen him around town in the company
of a anyone, so he's been pretty discreet about his relationships. Of course I'm not
out on the town, but I'm sure I'd know if he was seeing someone in the open.”

“I wonder how Brenda knows.”

“Minister's wife?'

“Yes, her husband gave her a look after she made that comment. She probably
knows a lot about people she can't divulge. So does he, of course.”

“I know before Jonah went away, he left a trail of affairs behind him. Of course
none of that would matter now. And he wasn't so circumspect then, so everyone
knew who he was going with.”

Taylor wasn't so sure it wouldn't matter. She knew from experience old history
could spring up when least expected.

She went back to her cinnamon bun, but not with as much enjoyment as when she
started. She tried to picture Jonah riding along in his pickup, dog riding shotgun,
and couldn't reconcile that with the person she now knew he was.

“There's one person who will miss him,” Taylor said. “Monty.”
Murder is Handy
Sharon McGregor
Book Reviews
"DNA, an inheritance, and multiple suspects, all
come into play in Ms. McGregor’s latest cozy
mystery. The well-written novel keeps the
reader turning pages until the mystery is
solved and one of the character’s own secrets
come to a resolution."
-Victoria Pitts Caine,
Amazon Review
Fiction-Cozy Mystery

Available in Print & e-book
une 2018

$9.95 / $

ISBN-13: 978-1-6
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