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Discarded by an uncaring owner and left
homeless without food or shelter, Patches
wanders the streets piecing his life back
together. Late one night during a violent
blizzard, he jumps into a dumpster only to be
ensnared by the steel jaws of a leg-trap, and
the fear of dying becomes reality. Will he
survive the cold darkness and discover once
again a path that leads to the understanding
he seeks?
Russell H. Plante is an Engineering Physicist with a diverse
engineering and academic background in Engineering Physics,
Electrical Engineering, and Business Administration. A skilled
technical writer, he is a previously published author with John
Wiley & Sons, Inc. and Academic Press (Elsevier) and
continues to write in both non-fiction and fiction genres. He
resides with his wife Kathy and their three cats in Kittery, Maine
where there’s always a chance of a blizzard and some time to
write meaningful stories during a long cold winter.
Journey Home: A Cat's Tale
Russell H. Plante
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This provocative, contemporary story is
based upon actual national events,
unheeded warnings about failing policies,
and the associated indifference to inaction.
What will happen if we remain unaware of a
changing world around us and inadvertently
ignore the troubling events that surround us
on a daily basis? The answer is contained in
this story – an outcome that only you can
Beware the Dither Bird
Russell H. Plante