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After disastrous relationships and a dead-end,
grunt labor job, we were burnt out on life and
even more burnt out on men. The only thing
that made us happy was a metal band we
adored. So, on a whim, we had decided we
would follow them on their tour across the
West Coast. We needed some adventure,
some fun, a step out of normality. What we
got was mayhem, a lesson in life, and a
lesson in love.

Canaan Liberty's reentry from the war in
Afghanistan, where he was wounded in more
ways than one, has been rocky. Josefina
Claire, Seffie, is also wounded; left uncared
for and unattended at age thirteen, she was
victim to a predator. Then the predator from
Seffie's past returns. When it's over, Canaan
can't hold back from giving Seffie what she
wants, what she deserves: a better man.

Kate’s recurring dream of an ancient Chapel
on an island is becoming longer and her
husband, Phil, travel to Ireland for answers.
Will Phil and Kate use their professional skills
as photographer & commercial artist to
resolve an ancient mystery concerning the
Clan history? Or will they return to the city,
forever leaving behind the chapel of her

Bronson and Catherine Preminger are
planning a suicide voyage to sink their
beloved boat because of Catherine’s memory-
destroying terminal illness. That is until their
daughter announces they are to become
grandparents and two storms destroy their
boat. They drift to an unknown island where
mysterious things start happening. Can the
couple be rescued in time and survive the
unseen lurking enemy?
An Isle for the Ages
Gary D. Henry
Better Man
Rebecca Skovgaard
Second Rate Groupies
Brieanna Robertson
Warrior's Rise
Brieanna Robertson

Brittany Powers and Cooper Owens won’t
experience surviving the Amazon rainforest.
When thrown back to civilian life, one is
forced to go with people she despises while
the other deals with the fact that he was the
one that put her there. The road of life has
many paths. If their love is strong enough,
they’ll find each other on the road less
Lost Without You
D. M. Thornton

Life isn't meant to be fair, but sometimes it
would be nice if it was. How much can
someone take? Drama was the root of Cooper
and Brittany's relationship, and all they want
to do now is enjoy being back in each other's
arms. Is that too much to ask? But when they
thought finding their way back to each other
was the end to all their problems, little do
they know, their problems are just beginning.
Lost Forever
D.M. Thornton

Together, and without even speaking each
other's language, Henry and Wild Flower
must learn to trust each other as they travel
through a land of forest, tombs, wild threats
and an enemy with the power of the Wolf,
who seems unstoppable. She must protect
her family while he wants to get home.
The Arrow Journey
Gerard Mulligan

A Compilation of works from two authors,
writing about extraordinary creatures
interacting with people who are lost...then
find themselves.
Extraordinary Creatures
Brieanna Robertson & Tex Leiko

Surviving a pirate attack as a girl with fellow
child passenger Alessio Draven, Evangeline
Avenes is haunted by the image of a dead

As adults, they declare their love for each
other. Alessio is promptly sent away and
Evangeline forced into an arranged
marriage. When word reaches him
Evangeline is about to wed, Alessio returns
from his hunt for the pirate Captain Pyke to
stop the wedding.

A natural disaster swallows Port Royal as
death, destruction and deception reign. Can
Alessio and Evangeline put an end to the
wicked pirates and escape the island?
Soul of a Pirate
Camille Bouchero