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Leet Hayes is a professional quarterback who
knows how to finish a play. Sadie is a
midwife and the mother of two boys she
rescued from poverty and abandonment.
When a life-threatening storm brings them
together, Sadie falls in love. But neither of
them could know that Leet's first wife is not as
dead as he'd thought, or that when she
returns, she'll bring treachery, political
intrigue and danger.

Vampire Gwendolyn Fox hates elves more
than sunlight and stakes because they don't
mix well. Hunter is an elf, but like none she’s
ever met. Rugged and mischievous, he
sparks an immediate reaction in Gwen that
she struggles to resist. He’s tall, dark, and
dangerous. Together, despite plans, they
strive to rescue a girl and save the local
supernatural community from a vicious
werewolf pack.

When Investigator Cooper Billings carries an
injured Sylvia Huston into the ER, He is lost
to her, body and soul. Others think it's
infatuation. To him, it's love at first sight.
Sylvia does her best to resist Cooper. He's
bossy and always thinks he's in charge. But
she finds herself falling for him. Can the pair
save each other and Tynie's Place from the
gangs vying for control of the drug trade?

In late summer 1874, Simon Barr, one of the
premiere agents of the newly evolving US
Secret Service, arrives in the Oklahoma
Territory, to meet his partner, Luke Hayden,
and begin their investigation of a large scale
counterfeiting operation. Simon meets
Kirsten Bentzer, neice to one suspect,
fiancée to another. Surely, she can’t be
innocent, no matter how much he wishes it
were so.

Will Hunter plans to land the tall, redheaded
bridesmaid. Katherine Noble might not be
opposed to being…landed, but she has a
thriving psychotherapy practice in
Manhattan and Will has a sheriff’s deputy job
in Vermont and serious attachment issues.
But Will’s determination is strong, and
Katherine’s love and faith in him have the
power to heal, even when evil from his
mom's past returns.

Like any other girl her age, Kathleen was
ready for the excitement of a first love and
school, sets his sights on Kathleen, she is torn
between her love and loyalty to Atticus and
the excitement, popularity, and ease of
being Bobby’s girlfriend. She needs to make
a decision. The question is...will it be the
right one?

When a global pandemic nearly takes out
the entire population within the span of a few
days, the survivors are confused and
disoriented. Those who die don’t stay dead.
Aurora Mathews survive the first onslaught of
violence and destruction only to be taken
captive by something possibly more terrifying
than zombies—vampires. This is the battle of
human survival that she fears can only end in

Marina Winston, a seamstress from
Hollywood's golden age, becomes entangled
in the dark threads of murder, power and
revenge when her friend ends up dead after
stealing money from notorious gangster
Angelo DeCici, 'the angel of death.'
Passionately in love with the man fighting to
rescue her, can Marina cut the sinister strings
without falling prey to Angelo, and losing
Myles forever?
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Tynie's Place
Rebecca Skovgaard
Kissing Atticus Primble
Stephanie Hoina
Melissa Hosack
False Notes
Tara Manderino
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Sometimes, a studio apartment can be your
solace; sometimes, it can guide you to
beauty, to safety, to life, to a new beginning.

And can guide you to a
sunrise where you find something so far
beyond what you imagined, you are left

Orphaned at seventeen, Anna arrives in
Dublin to live with her estranged
grandparents and alcoholic uncle. She
receives a mixed reception and the tension
in her new home is unrelenting. Just why
does Grandpa despise her so much?

Set in the 1950s, Anna is a coming-of-age
tale about a young girl's journey into
womanhood as she discovers herself amid
the atmospheric streets of Dublin City.

He had never faltered in his assignments as
an assassin. His hand had never wavered. But
that was before he’d been ordered to kidnap
her. A woman of unique disposition,
undaunted in the face of her adversity. A
woman bearing the same name as the
immortal flower he so cherished.

Was she really guilty of murder or was it a
tragic accident? Orphaned during the
French Revolution, Isabel Boudreux finds
herself Isolated and alone. Brandon Thorpe
has every reason to despise Isabel. Finding
her on a cliff covered in blood, he knows she
killed his sister’s fiancee. Intent on punishing
her, he forces her to become his mistress.
The warring couple soon find love. But will it

When Marcie moved to Milan, Italy, she met
her co-worker Roberto, who is bound to a wife
he no longer loves. She wasn’t sure she
wanted any part of such an illfated affair,
until she herself falls in love. She awakens
the next morning to discover she is in
Roberto’s body. And he in hers. Is it a dream?
Or were they really in each other’s bodies?
And if so, can forbidden love truly be that
Stephen O'Sullivan
Camille Boucheron
Brieanna Robertson
The Raven and the Rogue
Camille Boucheron
Vampires vs Zombies
Melissa Hosack
Loving Roberto
Laura Gene Alpern
Happy Man
Rebecca Skovgaard
Lucky Man
Rebecca Skovaard

Hayden, a self-proclaimed nomad and
adventure-seeker, rode out of his hometown
without a backward glance. Running out of
excuses to stay away, he’s come home for
the first time in seven years. At an annual
biker rally, he never expected to meet a
gorgeous, spunky woman threatening him
with a spear. But in the process of chasing
his dreams, had he turned his back on
Rebel Wind
Brieanna Robertson

High school teacher Sophie, always rational
and practical, privately dreams of rocking
with a bass guitar. Famous rock musician
Zane has never had any other dream but to
compose and play music. But lately, all of
his inspiration has died. When Zane and
Sophie are thrown together unexpectedly,
sparks fly between them. But will their two
opposing lifestyles drive them apart, or bring
Musician's Monsoon
Brieanna Robertson