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Randy Gonzalez has been an active member in the criminal justice field for the past 32 years. As a police
officer, deputy sheriff and law enforcement trainer, he has been involved in a number of criminal justice
activities. He is the former director of a police academy and a retired chief of police. As a police academy
director, he was responsible for basic recruit training, as well as advanced and career development courses
for in-service law enforcement personnel. As such, he was responsible for writing various criminal justice
related materials, workbooks and training curricula.

His involvement in law enforcement education extends state-wide. Randy also serves as an adjunct professor
of criminology on the faculties of several local educational institutions, including the local criminal justice
training academy. In addition, he is full-time faculty of criminology at Keiser University-Sarasota, FL. He has
served as an educational consultant to schools and colleges on matters of law enforcement training.

Randy Gonzalez holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Criminology, and M.P.A. degree in Public Administration, and
a Ph.D. in Biblical Philosophy. As a certified law enforcement instructor, he holds certifications in criminal
justice general studies, Terrorism-WMD training, legal studies, firearms, driving, medical first responder,
human diversity and defensive tactics. As a martial arts practitioner, he has taught classes on self-defense
and personal safety education.

Randy has written and published articles and training manuals related to the field of criminal justice and law
enforcement. His training materials have been used in college courses and police academy training
programs. He remains an active member of several professional associations at the state, national and
international levels. In addition, he participates in several local writer’s groups and continues to write both
fiction and non-fiction projects.
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Randy Gonzales
Black Widow's Bondage
Randy Gonzales