Born in France, I grew up in the Alsace region with its
picturesque vineyards and ancient villages. Florida is home
now, where my husband and I enjoy life with a never ending
supply of sunshine and intrigue.
Henriette Daulton
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After Paul Cantor, a controversial journalist is
found murdered in the Everglades, Jessie
Milner’s friend, Roberto Menoyo, insists his
death is tied to a political plot by the
Council of Ten, a shadowy group of business
men. The young woman, a reporter at the
Broward News is more than skeptical until
Roberto’s body turns up in a dumpster and
she suddenly realizes he may have been
right. As the shocking reality of the
conspiracy becomes evident, a startling
betrayal leaves Jessie fighting for survival. Is
it too late to stop evil?
To learn more about Henriette, visit her at:
At the Heart of Fear
Henriette Daulton