A prolific writer, Gary D. Henry is an award-winning au-thor who has penned twenty novels and touts several works-
in-progress. Specializing in the field of horror and mystery, Henry is not shy about blending other genres into the
mix. Averaging two to four releases a year, Henry's first publication came in September 2009 with the release of
The Westward Journey of the Nebraskan Wind. Since then, several of his books have gone on to win awards, such
as: Opulence Among Us, Honorable Mention at the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival—DIY award; Legacy of the
Unsung, First Place in the 2011 Halloween Book Festival—Time Travel Category; Falling Waters, Honorable
Mention in the both the 2012 Paris Book Festival Award—General Fiction Category and the 2012 Beach Book
Festival Award in New York; and the Abel Conspiracy, Honorable Mention in both the 2012 San Francisco Book
Festival Award—General Fiction Category and the 2012 The Halloween Book Festival Award—General Fiction
Category. Recently, Henry has dipped his pen in the genre of short stories after being compelled to write a story
about Alzheimer's Disease, which claimed the life of his father Ray Henry.

Previously, Henry's career spans twenty-three years in the environmental field and an additional twenty years as a
government defense contractor, where he continues to work and is where he discovered his knack for writing. As a
technical writer for many years, he has written countless reports regarding testing procedures and testing results
presented to government agencies for review and acceptance.  

Among Henry's writing habits is the playing of old movies in the background, which nudges his subconscious so the
words can flow. He is single and lives in Sterling, Virginia, where he has lived most of his life. Visit Gary D. Henry's
website at www.garydhenry.com
Gary D. Henry
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Bronson and Catherine Preminger are
planning a suicide voyage to sink their
beloved boat because of Catherine’s memory-
destroying terminal illness. That is until their
daughter announces they are to become
grandparents. However, on their way to
Bermuda, two storms destroy their boat and
they drift to a strange and unknown island
where mysterious things start happening to
them. Can the couple survive the challenges
presented by the unseen lurking enemy?
Better yet, can it be that they have found the
Fountain of Youth halfway between Bermuda
and Florida?
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An Isle for the Ages
Gary D. Henry