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When a young mother is brutally murdered in
front of her newborn baby, and a policeman
slain in the subsequent pursuit, Detective
Isabella Garcia disobeys orders and leaves
Miami behind as she sets sail on board an
old wooden yacht called the Dirty Nellie in
pursuit of the killer. The tension and body
count mounts until the killer is finally
revealed in this heart-stopping, international

Conor suddenly finds himself on the run from
the Miami Police who want him for murder,
and the two vicious sons of a Cuban crime
lord who seek to exact a brutal revenge for
their father’s death. With the clock ticking,
Conor’s journey leads him from the exotic
Bahamas to the streets of Miami and Fort
Lauderdale and into the unforgiving Florida
Everglades before reaching its violent
Frank Sullivan lives in Ireland. A Graphic Designer and
Illustrator by profession, he is a keen writer, artist and sailor
who has lived and worked in various locations, traveling
extensively to places like Hawaii, French Polynesia, Europe and
South Florida. Over the years he has edited a trade magazine
and written many articles and short stories, as well as
illustrating for various magazines and newspapers.
Deadly Shore
Frank Sullivan
Savage Crossing
Frank Sullivan
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