Victoria Sheldon’s life couldn’t get any simpler. Since her
marriage to idle businessman Adam, who is frequently occupied
with more important matters than investing time in their marriage,
Victoria had gotten used to being lonely. She passes the time by
watching movies, including those with Kyran Cornell, her
imagined flame.

In an instant, while she is walking alone one night, Victoria finds
herself abducted and warped into a fantasy…a fantasy guided
by a madman with a strange, bizarre appetite for violence.

Half-dazed and aware of impending death, Victoria imagines
Kyran the way she’s always imagined him when needing
something wonderful and beautiful to distract her from a life
without love. Instead, without even realizing she is doing so,
Victoria contacts Kyran by no less than transcendent means—
and finds herself face to face with him. Suddenly, she is pulled
away, forced back to the reality of her will to survive and the
separation of herself from her attacker.

Kyran Cornell, loved by all who have seen his movies and long
since suffocating amongst a sea of adoring women, is beside
himself with helplessness after receiving a visionary bond from a
mysterious, fascinating woman. Working on sheer intuitiveness,
he tries to track her down in an effort to save her before time
runs completely out.

Will the bond between them remain strong enough for them to
reach each other? Or is it only meant to be…temporary?
The blue pickup, with its blinking hazards, stood alone, silently beckoning. She
could hear the hum of the truck's engine running. Its lights were shining ahead
and the stereo was blasting. She literally had to drag herself through the bushes
to get there.

When she finally reached it, panting and flushed from her efforts, she found that
its doors were locked.

Oh Lord! Why? Why now? she thought. This is the boondocks! Why would he
lock the doors?
The chances of running into someone looking for trouble around
here were next to nil! The chances of running into anyone at all were! People did
the strangest things. If he had stopped to think about it, he would've realized that
encountering someone in this secluded area, would've been somebody well-
armed—and locked doors wouldn't make a bit of a difference—or it could've been
someone in trouble.
Like me.

She looked for any signs of the driver, but couldn't see him anywhere. Darkness in
the country without street lights, and her deteriorating condition, prevented her
from seeing any further than the car lights.

She considered the options available to her.

Hop into the back of the truck. Don't take any chances. If she fell down outside the
truck, there was a chance that he might not see her, and that would be the end of
it. On the other hand, she had barely enough strength to get this far. If she went
looking for him, and he didn't hear her calling above the radio's rumble, she could
ruin her only chance.

Why the hell am I thinking about this?

He wouldn't be here for much longer.

Right now, she had a chance.

One chance only.

Climb into the back, Damn it!

With her last surge of energy, she painstakingly lifted herself over the back into
the truck. Wherever this guy was going, he would find her sooner or later.
Hopefully, she would still be alive. She fell into the back with a thud, breathing a
sigh of relief above her body's cries of pain. She curled up in a ball, trying to
shelter herself from the cold and chill reverberating through her body.

She tried to stay conscious so that she could alert him of her presence, but no
sooner was her head resting on the metal floor of the pickup then her eyes began
to get droopy. Her pain had subsided briefly. Her body suddenly felt numb, as
though it had shut itself down due to power failure.

You made it, she told herself. You're going to be fine now.

She was pretty convincing, but she wasn't sure if she believed it or not. She
struggled to keep her eyes open, her gaze lingering briefly up at the dark, vast
sky, then they slid closed, slipping her into unconsciousness.

In a dream state, Victoria gradually fell into oblivion, down a deep well. Falling
deeper into the dark chasm of blackness, she was aware of the fact that she was
in the world of unconsciousness, but felt relaxed and comforted in its embrace. At
the bottom of the shadowed well, she could clearly see Kyran Cornell smiling up at
her. She wanted to go to him. Nothing else seemed important anymore.


Back in his bedroom in New York City, Kyran Cornell was having a fitful night of
sleep. The Dream.

He whimpers.

Run. Run. Run.

A never attainable goal to reach The Woman ensues. Caught in a cold downpour,
he hurries himself. He is afraid for her safety. Pursuit. The Woman's life remains
unequivocally at the hands of the mysterious stranger he cannot see, but knows—
feels with every bone in his body—is dangerous. He senses peril gaining closer.

Run. Run. Run.

The threat is closer, closer. Gaining up on her.


He sweats and shakes uncontrollably. Soon the race will be over.

Run. Run. Run.

Before it's too late.

The thought makes Kyran all the more frantic to reach her.

He pants feverishly.

Suddenly, he awoke, bathed in sweat, pulse racing, lips taut with whimpers which
have escaped through clenched teeth, choking on fear. Confused. Glad to wake
up, he folded his arms above him, cradling his head in them.
Dream a Little Dream
Eleanor Wagner
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August 2015

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