Collaborating writers on opposite coastlines is no obstacle for Elaine
Braman and Margarete Johl. They share the passion for writing a witty
mystery, heat waves, hot flashes and Palm trees but beyond that, they
couldn’t be further apart than Florida and California. They met one time
four years ago by chance in California at a business meeting and
became fast friends mixing like paper and pen. Although they haven’t
seen each other since, they have written three novels together and
continue to plot their next.

Born in Pennsylvania to parents whose native language was German,
Margarete started writing early in life perfecting English grammar; for
obvious reasons. Now residing in Palm Springs, CA. (where anything
under 80 degrees is sweater weather), Margarete and David, her
husband enjoy their grown daughters and two dogs. Margarete writes
fiction and poetry every free hour she has and works for a
telecommunications company full time. Stage fright is her enemy, but
give her a keyboard or a stubby pencil and she’ll create a world.

Originally, from Massachusetts, Elaine migrated to Florida for family and
job. Her background in technical writing provides skills to organize a
logical plot. In addition to winning place in the 10th annual Writers Digest
short short story competition she has written instructional articles for
career professionals, contributed proofing and editing (dialogue)
services, for such publications as The Florida Writer, RPLA, Connections
Magazine and the johnyraygun Comic Book by Rich Woodall. For the
past four years, Elaine has been a member of the executive board of
directors for FWA. Elaine and Darrel, the love of her life, enjoy their
Florida home, grown family, and grandchildren while she continues to
perfect her craft. Elaine’s philosophy is, teach what you know to learn
what you don’t know.
Elaine Braman and Margarete Johl
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Books by Elaine Braman and Margarete Johl

Kate’s future becomes one puzzle after
another when a mystery caller claims the
portrait of Grandmother Petra belongs on
their family tree. While Kate hunts for clues
to locate the portrait, she struggles with
family challenges, and yet another cry for
help to unearth the stench at Glenwood
cemetery. With a cop as becomes a target
not once, but twice!

Sassy newspaper columnist, Kate Lambrose
receives a cryptic poem asking her to locate
a missing person. She discovers the mystery
to be the perfect distraction from her grief
over the loss of her husband who isn’t dead,
but gay. While Kate and her teenage
daughter angst over problems at home, she
discovers a 40-year-old murder. Unknowingly,
she befriends the killer who makes her the
next target.
Right in Sight
Elaine Braman/Margarete Johl
Nowhere in Sight
Elaine Braman/Margarete Johl