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In 1880 something, Sir Someone-or-another did something semi-
significant. I know boring right? For the most part history can be
a snooze-fest, but for the strange little town know as Lamplight
Lane, it can be filled to the brim with excitement and mystery.
Well, maybe not to the brim, but it’s pretty close!

Our four heroes (and Waddles) get wrapped up in the great
mystery that is Lamplight Lane. Follow them deep underground
to the city’s roots (literally) as they uncover the town’s

Who knows, they might even run into a moleman or two….ok
there’s more than two.
In Your Face, Copernicus!

“It all started one evening when I was peering through my Telephonscope.* I was
spending a relaxing evening gazing around the heavens when I spotted the
Lamplight Lane Satellite. Upon closer examination, I saw something that took my
breath away. Sticking out of the clumps of rock below the orbital town, just barely
visible, was what appeared to be the ruins of a city, completely upside down. I
couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to find out what it was and how it came to be. I
immediately began to make preparations for an expedition to the subterranean
depths below Lamplight Lane. Thinking that my best bet for getting down to this city
was through the town’s abandoned mining caves, I sought them out. That is where I
ran into the headless horseman and wound up tied up in this old shack. I guess
Ruby figured I was on to her little operation. But, in fact, I knew nothing about it. I
can see that you kids are clever lads. I could use someone like you fellas on my
exploration, what do ya say?”

“We wouldn’t miss it for anything, Professor Copperpot,” answered Francis. The
rest of the boys all chimed in with their agreement, except for Waddles who had just
swallowed a June bug.

*Telephonscope: An invention by Professor Sigmund Rubic that is a telescope with
a built-in telephone. This allows the stargazer to be able to be the first to contact
the local Astronomy Department, in case they spot a new celestial body, so as to
have first discovery and it named after them. It also is handy for ordering pizza on
those long, boring, uneventful nights of observation.
Tales from the Lamplight Lane
Book 3: Plutopia
Darren S. Philibert
Fiction-Children's Book

Available in Print & e-book
Nov 2018


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