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Massive explosions! Crazy Scientists! City Destroying Monsters!

This book unfortunately doesn’t contain any of these things, but
it does have an asteroid hurtling towards earth. (Actually now
that I think of it, it does have a crazy scientist or two.)

Anyways, It’s up to Francis, Clyde, Ralf and Payln to save the
town they call home…Lamplight Lane.
To Smell what no Man has Smelled Before

Professor Rubic placed in Francis’ hands a strange-looking pair of glasses. They
had binocular-style lenses along with a digital band that wrapped around the head,
and a pair of tubes that came off the bridge of the glasses and rounded upward so
as to fit into one’s nostrils.

“I give you the Smellnoculars!” said Rubic. “Anything you look at will be processed
by image recognition software and then matched up in an immense database.
Based on that object, a synthetic odor with be produced through the nostril outputs.
You will be able to smell anything you look at, no matter how far away it is. Just be
careful what you look at, because there are some things out there you really don’t
want to smell. Trust me. I never saw the sewage truck until it was too late.” Rubic
had a blank stare, as if reliving a horrible memory. He quickly snapped out of it.
“Anyways, I have much work to do, boys, so off with ya now; have fun with the

Just then a large rush of wind came through the house. A ball of light formed in the
middle of Rubic’s living room. It grew until it was the size of either a very tall midget
or a very short giant, which is to say about average height. The light disappeared,
and standing there with smoke lifting from him was a man identical to Professor
Tales from the Lamplight Lane
Book 2: Asteroid
Darren S. Philibert
Fiction-Children's Book

Available in Print & e-book
Nov 2018


ISBN-13: 978-1-63495-030-5
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