Shawn Philibert has loved fantasy and adventure stories ever since his grandmother bought him the Chronicles of
Narnia series by C.S Lewis when in middle school. His hob-bies include reading (duh) board games and binge
watching sci-fi shows. He lives in Eugene, Oregon with his book-loving wife Tara and their dorky cat Stormageddon
(Stormy for short)
Darren S. Philibert
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Have you ever seen the Great Pacific
Northwest Giant Luminescent Freshwater
Squid? Few have. In fact only four young
children have ever laid eyes on such a
creature, and boy do they have a whopper of
a story to tell. So if you enjoy whopper-esque
stories, you’ve come to the right place.
Books by Darren S. Philibert

Massive explosions! Crazy Scientists! City
Destroying Monsters!

This book unfortunately doesn’t contain any
of these things, but it does have an asteroid
hurtling towards earth. (Actually now that I
think of it, it does have a crazy scientist or

Anyways, It’s up to Francis, Clyde, Ralf and
Payln to save the town they call
home…Lamplight Lane.

Our four heroes (and Waddles) get wrapped
up in the great mystery that is Lamplight
Lane. Follow them deep underground to the
city’s roots (literally) as they uncover the town’
s beginnings.

Who knows, they might even run into a
moleman or two….ok there’s more than two.