Daniel Cassidy was born and is still living in Liverpool, UK. He
has a keen interest in military history in general, and a specific
interest in the history of the Old American West.

He is a collector (and shooter) of Western period fire-arms, with
a great interest in firearm history and development, and is also
an avid participant in the popular sport of Cowboy Action

Daniel has been (very happily) married for the last 42 years to
his lovely wife Evelyn. They have been blessed with three
strapping boys—Steven, Sean and Nathan (all now fully grown)
and two wonderful grandsons—Liam and Daniel.
Daniel Cassidy
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Special Agent in Charge Jim Clarkson and
his young DEA assistant know all the recent
crimes, murders and botched drug deals are
somehow related. The only problem is–they
don’t know how.

What they do know is the clock is running
and the body count is mounting, and if they
don’t put all the pieces together real quick,
a lot more bodies are going to be added to
the final tally

Twenty years after Nathan Delaney was
caught up in the turbulent struggle of the
Mexican-American war as a child, and with
nothing to look forward to except stampedes,
flooded river crossings and multiple
confrontations with hostile bandits and
Indians - and with a particularly determined
Bounty Hunter - Nathan will have plenty of
cause to wonder whether he has made the
right choice or not.
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Daniel Cassidy
Daniel Cassidy