For first time flight attendant Brittany Powers, crashing in the
Amazon is less than ideal.  She can barely take care of herself
as it is.  Shaken and scared, Brittany stumbles upon one other
survivor, Cooper Owens, the jerk in seat 4A, a marine turned air
marshal who likes to bark orders.  Together they have to learn to
endure what is lurking within the rainforest.  They must put aside
their differences to make it out of the jungle alive.  

A relationship built on survival slowly blossoms into a love that
both Brittany and Cooper can’t deny.  But, will the Amazon’s
brutal environment drive a wedge between their new found love
or will the hidden beauty make them rethink what is important in
The pilot turns on the seatbelt sign at the first onset of turbulence. It doesn’t stop
the man in 4A from leaving his seat, however, and when he emerges from the
lavatory, he stumbles into my backside, pushing my belly up against the tiny

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Miss.” His warm breath, sour with alcohol, tickles my cheek, and
his husky voice vibrates against my ear. His strong hands are a vice grip on my
shoulders, using my body to stabilize his solid form. “Are you okay?”

My knees shake beneath me, not from his jolt against me, rather from the spark
on contact. I have only ever felt those butterflies with Chad, but I suppose the
body isn’t biased with a good-looking man pressing against it. I lean as far into the
tiny counter space as possible and glance over my shoulder. “Yes, I’m fine, sir.
Please, take your seat while the fasten seatbelt sign is turned on.” I hold my
breath while my tummy does somersaults and clench my knees together to stop
the humming between my thighs. His hands linger on my shoulders far too long.
He releases me and heads back to his seat, leaving me on a short gasp of air.

The plane dips with another bout of turbulence when Ramona sneaks up from the
galley. “Take a seat, Brittany. The turbulence is getting rough. We need to buckle

I plop myself down in my seat and fasten the seatbelt as I overhear another flight
attendant whisper to Ramona, “There’s a peculiar hissing sound near the back of
the plane. I think—”

Chaos breaks out toward the back of the business class cabin. Screams and cries
pierce the galley as the plane shakes violently, tossing its contents about like
loose change. I watch in horror as a man exiting the lavatory becomes airborne
then disappears through a broken window at the back of the plane. It all happens
so fast I’m not sure if what I am witnessing is actually happening. This can’t be
real. I must be having a nightmare. Oxygen masks drop from the ceiling as
passengers work frantically to slip them over their faces. I find mine and slip it over
my head before I reach out for Ramona, who is clinging to the other flight
attendant, but she is just out of my grasp. “Ramona!” I shout. The whining of the
engines and the clanking of the plane parts drown out my own cries. “Ramona!”

Her head snaps back, and she reaches out to grab my hand. She locks her
fingers around my wrist, but as I try to pull her and the other attendant back
toward me, the tail end of the plane rips off. The attendant she’s clinging to is
sucked out from the pressure. The front part of the plane starts its nosedive to
whatever is below.

Ramona is slipping from my hold, her feet sailing behind her, lifting her up. She
flies like a kite in a gust of wind as she screams, “Oh God! Don’t let go! Please!”

I grip her forearm with my fist and tighten my hold on her wrist with my other hand.
I’m being jerked around in my seat like a ragdoll. A tornado of debris is sailing
around me, and I struggle to maintain my hold on Ramona’s arm. She’s pleading
with me. “Don’t let go, Brittany.” My fingers are burning from digging into her flesh
as I hold on for dear life, but the force behind the plane’s nosedive is too great. I’m
playing tug-of-war with gravity and pressure, and I’m losing. Our hands are being
pried apart, and before I realize what’s happening, she slips from my grasp. The
sky gulps her up into its black hole, leaving me sobbing and gasping for breath.

My eyes jump around, soaking in what is left of the cabin, witnessing the horrified
passengers screaming and crying in hysterics. I’m plagued with fear when my eyes
lock with the man in 4A. His expression resembles my own.


I close my eyes and refuse to open them as the plane continues its nosedive,
spiraling out of control. I pray for it to be over, to pass out. My reality is as clear as
freshly polished glass. This plane is crashing, and I’m gonna fucking die.
D. M. Thornton
Book Reviews
"When I started reading Lost, I was
immediately involved. I liked the characters
right from the start. As their story unfolded, I
truly could not put the book down. I won't give
anything away but I have to say that I have
found two characters that I enjoy watching
grow and I cannot wait to see what happens to
them in the future." -
Michelle D. Smith

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December 2015

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