Cory was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Ever since he was young, Cory loved to write and create. After
high school, he attended college at John Brown University in Arkansas. There he majored in Digital Media, with an
emphasis in cinema.

Cory now resides back in Omaha, Nebraska, where he edits, chills with friends, and tries to play the occasional
game of Munchkin.
Cory Lenihan
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Overnight the world has taken a drastic turn
for the worse. A virus is spreading and the
dead are rising. As the world goes to hell,
five teenagers, each gifted with special
abilities, try to survive. But will their gift give
them the edge they need? And which is
worse: the dead or the living?
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acebook:  Cory Lenihan

How the World Ends
Cory Lenihan