Leah is a young woman who is trying to break free from a strict
religious background and pursue her dream as a pianist in the
world of show business. While trying to find her independence
her heart is held captive by Jason Rowe a local basketball star
who established an organization to help troubled youth. When
Jason is found murdered in his home, Leah is determined to get
answers from a closed investigation. During her state of
emotional turmoil, Leah finds comfort not only in the melody of
her music, but in the arms of a married man named Calvin. With
her dreams at her fingertips, Leah is tangled in a web of lies and
deceit. Despite the fear of learning the truth, Leah has to realize
that only the truth can set her free.

A dead lover, with a trail of broken hearts...
A married man, with a double-life...
A dream chaser, with a killer at her heels...
A piano, with eighty-eight keys...
The jarring ring of the telephone pulled Leah back into the present. It took her a
couple of rings to find the buried cell phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, Leah, it’s Quincy. I was just calling to check up on you.”

She settled back into a small section of the couch. “Hi, Quincy. I’m doing okay.”

“You sure?” She could hear the concern in his voice. “You sound a little sad.”

The picture of her and Jason crumpled in her fist. “Well, you know how it is. I’m
surrounded by ghosts at every turn.” Her inner voice urged her to change the
subject quickly. “How are you doing?”

“Well, that kind of brings me to the second purpose of this call. Would you mind
coming in this afternoon? There is still so much to do for the gala, and we can use
all the help we can get.”

Leah looked at her watch, then at the mess in her living room. “Yep, I can be there
in a couple of hours.”
Saying her goodbyes, Leah hung up the phone and made a mental note to pick
up, packing boxes along the way. When her lease was up, she was moving to her
neon oasis—Las Vegas. Leah was going to be a pianist.

Running thirty minutes late, Leah pulled into the parking lot of Bright Horizons
Youth Group. She didn’t see Mrs. Turner and Rosa until she almost collided into

“Oh, oops, sorry,” Leah said, fumbling with her purse and notebook. “I, um, didn’t
see you there.” The look on Rosa’s face was pure anger.

“Well, we are certainly glad you’re here,” Mrs. Turner said with an airy smile.
“There is just so much that needs to be done, and well, it is your business to know
how to do this.”

Leah smiled, situating her purse on her shoulder, and avoided eye contact with
Rosa in case one of the thousand daggers thrown from her eyes would penetrate.
“You know, I am just happy to help,” she said to the older woman. Leah cringed at
the overly eager sound of her own voice.

“And we are so glad you are helping, swallowing your pride for the good of Bright
Horizons.” Mrs. Turner wore her Armani dress like it was a second skin, her
makeup and hair flawless as always. Her smile was etched, and didn’t quite spread
to the rest of her face.

“I don’t understand why…” Rosa said. Her hostility spoke volumes.

Leah braced herself for a very vocal confrontation.

“No, dear.” Mrs. Turner put a beautifully manicured hand on Rosa’s forearm. “You
don’t understand, and you never will if you don’t check your attitude.”

A car horn caused all three women to look around. “Ah, that’s for me.” Mrs. Turner
pulled a sheet of paper from her book, not acknowledging the impatient student

Leah didn’t want to know why the University’s current basketball star was sitting in
Mrs. Turner’s car.

“If you both will excuse me, I have more important mat-ters to attend to.” She
handed Leah a long list, “Be a dear and see if you can crank this out.”

The two women eyed each other warily.

Rosa brushed past Leah. “Don’t you dare screw this up,” she hissed.

“Why would you think that?” Leah usually kept to herself as far as Rosa was
concerned, but the implication bothered her.

Rosa slid on a pair of sunglasses. “Because you screw everything up.”
Eighty-Eight Keys
Catherine Lavender
Book Reviews
"The many characters involved with their own
stories, some living in lies, others with deceit
was nicely illustrated through out the book. As
the plot thickens and more people got hurt,
were blackmailed or threatened. A nice build
up to this good read. -Lynelle "Aspiring Writer"
(South Africa)

"All the little twists along the way and the
secrets hidden were intriguing. I read this
pretty quickly and thought it was an interesting
murder romance novel that will leave readers in
suspense." -Samantha J "Chick Lit Plus"

"I know that my gut instinct for a few of the
characters, both good and bad, wasn't as
accurate as it usually is. I like it when a story
can keep me on my toes like that." -Andrea

"With the twist and turns of the coach, his wife
and the politician give the book the right build
up. I just couldn't put it down!" -Kimmiegrl

"This is a great story! The characters are well
rounded, believable and interesting. I'd love to
read more from the author." -Storm Goddess
Book Reviews & More

"I found Eighty-Eight Keys to be a riveting
romantic suspense story, it has a little bit of
everything, what more could a reader ask
for?!" -Jersey Girl Book Reviews

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January 2013

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