“You’re not still sore about Penny, are you?” Jimmy asked Alexander dryly, a dark
warning cloud covering his face.
At the mentioning of Penny’s name, Marina stood up, reeling from a sense of
impending disaster.

“Jimmy, stop it!” Victoria pled, horror washing over the flawless features of her face.

Jimmy fell back into line, returning to his calm expression, but Alexander’s hands
were balled into fists.
“You could have had Victoria, what do I care? This damn marriage wasn’t my idea!
I wanted Penny! She was who I wanted, but you wouldn’t leave her alone!”
Alexander visibly shook with rage.

“I was ordered to find out about the money!” Jimmy protested.

The room slipped in and out of clear focus as if in a dream while Marina tried to
digest the news about Penny. Alcohol burned and flamed through her body,
drenching her in scalding heat. Everything was blurred around the edges,
happening in slow motion and building to a crescendo.

“I wanted her and you knew I did, but she kept talking about you, kept saying how
handsome you were. Trying to make me jealous!”

“It’s what I am paid to do, you fucking idiot! I’ve never wanted any of those dames! I’
m paid to get information! If I have to sleep with them, it’s all part of what I do.”

“You seduced her, touched her with your filthy hands!” Alexander looked physically
sick for a moment and then his features took on a deranged twist. “You made me
kill her!” he shouted, his voice a guttural groan filled with agony.
Marina heard herself gasp loudly. Her hands lifted to cover her mouth. Alexander
turned and looked at her with a glassy stare brimming with delirium.

“That’s right, I killed her! I crushed her body in my arms as she died!”

Tears immediately filled Marina’s eyes and she took an unsteady step backwards,
mindlessly shaking her head in denial.

Alexander ripped his furious eyes from Marina and glowered at Jimmy.

“Angelo’s coming for you! You have to know that! You are a marked man! He
loved that girl and you knew he did!” Jimmy taunted him, puffing out his chest

“Let him try! I am Hollywood royalty, untouchable!” Alexander sneered bitterly,
lifting his chin proudly. “And now you will never find that money, will you, Jimmy?
That’s what you deserve! You will have to tell that fat fucking devil who owns you
that you failed to deliver! What’s the matter, Jimmy, you losing your touch? I’m
surprised Angelo hasn’t dumped your body somewhere by now. You, you’re
nothing! No one! The only one who will be weeping for you will be Vicki!” Venom
dripped from his words, his body rigid as if preparing for battle.

Victoria made a slight move toward Jimmy, but Alexander looked at her.

“You always loved this whore, this whore! This tricky, unfaithful whore is what you
deserve!” Alexander spun and grabbed Victoria by the upper arm, throwing her at
Jimmy. “Here is what you deserve! The whore of Hollywood!” Reaching inside of
his expensive tuxedo jacket, Alexander pulled free a gun, the silver flashing as the
light from the room struck it.

Gun, gun, gun. Terror lifted up through Marina as she turned to run away, but
Alexander reached out and latched onto her upper arm, snatching her back
around and waving the gun in her face.

“Don’t go, little dress maker! What, you don’t want to stay for the party? I thought
you wanted to party with the famous people.” He pointed the gun at her, drawing
near enough to place the tip of the barrel against her temple. She felt the coolness
of the metal pressed against her skin.

“I could pull this trigger and no one would come looking for you, no one! Penny felt
sorry for you, but I don’t. I think you are pathetic, a pathetic little nobody. I could
squeeze this trigger so easily, so easily.” His handsome features took on a
diabolical cast, transforming him into a different person.

Horror, stark and vivid, wrapped around her tightly and Marina felt her head
spinning, struggling to do something, anything to save herself. One thought
crossed her mind—one face, one man. Myles Flynn.
I love him and he doesn’t
know. He doesn’t even know, and now it’s too late.
Marina Winston, a seamstress from Hollywood's golden age,
becomes entangled in the dark threads of murder, power and
revenge when her friend ends up dead after stealing money from
notorious gangster Angelo DeCici. She soon finds herself
brought before the sinister man known as 'the angel of death.'

Daring to bring the infamous mobster to justice, Myles Flynn lives
with the haunting knowledge that Angelo DeCici is responsible for
the death of his young wife and son. While investigating the
murder of Angelo's girlfriend, he is introduced to Marina. The
flames of love imagined long extinguished begin to burn.
Realizing the pretty seamstress has drawn the interest of Angelo
DeCici, he vows to save her. A fateful sequence of events places
Agent Myles Flynn on a collision course with his arch nemesis.

Passionately in love with the man fighting to rescue her, can
Marina cut the sinister strings Angelo DeCici has woven around
her without falling prey to him, and losing Myles forever?
Camille Bouchero
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Fiction-Romance/Crime Thriller

Available in Print & e-book
October 2015

$9.95 / $2.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-940707-60-0
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