Camille Boucheron currently resides in her childhood home of
Gulfport, Mississippi with her husband, Shawn, their three
children and Camille’s neurotic cat. Writing is Camille’s great
and true passion in life. Believing it is never too late to embrace
and become who you were meant to be, Camille began writing
at a young age, continuing on through adulthood. When she is
not writing romance novels, she is privileged to be working with
children with severe special needs. Camille is also an
accomplished chef, using the beauty of food to celebrate life.
Camille Bouchero
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Marina Winston, a seamstress from
Hollywood's golden age, becomes entangled
in the dark threads of murder, power and
revenge when her friend ends up dead after
stealing money from notorious gangster
Angelo DeCici, 'the angel of death.'
Passionately in love with the man fighting to
rescue her, can Marina cut the sinister strings
without falling prey to Angelo, and losing
Myles forever?

Evangeline Avenes is beautiful beyond
compare, but her beauty is mingled with a
touch of madness. Surviving a pirate attack
as a girl with fellow child passenger Alessio
Draven, she is haunted by the image of a
dead woman.

Growing up together, they declare their love
for each other. Alessio is promptly sent away
and Evangeline forced into an arranged
marriage. When word reaches him
Evangeline is about to wed, Alessio returns
from his hunt for the pirate Captain Pyke to
stop the wedding.

A natural disaster swallows Port Royal as
death, destruction and deception reign. Can
Alessio and Evangeline put an end to the
wicked pirates and escape the island?

Was she really guilty of murder or was it a
tragic accident? Orphaned during the
French Revolution, Isabel Boudreux finds
herself Isolated and alone. Brandon Thorpe
has every reason to despise Isabel. Finding
her on a cliff covered in blood, he knows she
killed his sister’s fiancee. Intent on punishing
her, he forces her to become his mistress.
The warring couple soon find love. But will it
Camille Boucheron
The Raven and the Rogue
Camille Boucheron
To learn more about Camille Bouchero, visit her at:
Soul of a Pirate
Camille Bouchero